Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Weekend!

So maybe I wasn’t able to quit Facebook entirely, but I am going to give this little experiment a try: see what happens when you stop liking things on Facebook? So far I’m enjoying leaving comments on friends’ posts where before I would have just hit “Like” – usually the person writes back, and it actually feels like I’m connecting, not just waving as we pass each other driving in opposite directions. Have you tried this? Did it change your Facebook experience?

Vanilla Steamer with Rose Marshmallows

Vanilla steamer with rose marshmallows… sounds like a perfect cozy Valentine’s Day drink.

Recipes like this get me really excited for breakfast: broiled citrus + ricotta toast, and coconut macaroon granola.

Public shaming and the Internet.

I don’t know anything about these umbrellas, but I want to go there.

This personalized photo map is such a great DIY gift idea.

The case for buying a Powerball ticket.

14 candy-free Valentine ideas (and they’re great for the last minute!).

Love this interview with Whitney of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

So inspired by the whimsical Falling Garden.

I totally remember making things with these plastic iron beads as a kid!

In case you missed it this week on Snippet & Ink:

A little chocolate in today’s Words To Love By.

Elegant Washington D.C. wedding with custom cheese boards.

Playful DIY wedding in Atlanta with a unique bridal look.

Snowy winter wedding in Alberta, Canada with a vintage bridal headpiece.

Romantic Valentine wedding in Ontario, Canada with red and pink flowers.

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