Happy Weekend!

This weekend we’ll be putting away all the Christmas things still hanging out in our place, and then trying to organize all the things that never got organized when we moved. Maybe I’ll make something from my new cookbook, trying to undo all the cookies I ate over the holidays. What are you up to this first non-holiday weekend of 2011?

Next time I buy a gift for myself, I think it will be personalized stationery from stripe & field.

Veil or jewelry?

Golden save-the-dates from paperfinger.

Loving Edward Olive’s fotografías de boda.

In the mood for spring?

Pretty pieces for the bride, via Something Old, Something New.

Marfa! (And I love her bangs.)

I’d like some of these for the house I’ll own someday.

Congrats to Cyd on the lovely new site for The Sweetest Occasion!

Have a happy, happy weekend everyone!


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