Happy Weekend!

Hi lovely friends! This weekend my honey and I are headed East for a friend’s wedding, where we get to catch up with some of our Teach for America friends and wear sparkly shoes (well, I’m wearing sparkly shoes; I think Ryan’s probably wearing the gorgeous man shoes he wore at our wedding). This is the first wedding we’ll attend since our own wedding, and I’m a little curious to see if it will be different – like, will I notice different things? Will I get more emotional at the ceremony? Thoughts? Anyway, I can’t wait to see my friends and celebrate with them. In sparkly shoes.

Okay, so before I sign off, here are some fun links for you from around the web!

{from Martha Stewart Weddings}

Do I want the blue pointy shoes, or the gold pointy shoes? Both?

Or how about these in hot pink?

Calligraphy and clay – better together.

Watercolor and ceramics – better together, too!

A modern day love note.

Okay, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a more affordable version of the bag I love, via Sacramento Street.

$12 sunglasses look good.

This loose bunch of flowers makes my day.

Rainbow happy Brooklyn Bridge, via Oh Hello Friend.

How about these invites for a destination wedding?

Mad Men art portraits – dig these.

Congrats to Elizabeth Anne Designs on the new look!

Really, Jordan? Your paper just keeps getting better and better!

Have a happy weekend folks!

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