Happy Weekend!

Yesterday, one of my very dearest friends and I did a little cupcake taste test (which really just means we bought cupcakes from two places and ate them), so I’m not quite sure how the weekend could live up to that, except that I’ll be spending it with my honey, which is always a treat. I’ll also be keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather, because I’d love nothing more than to read one of my new book purchases out of doors. What are you up to this weekend? If you happen to be somewhere in New England, this pic for you. (Isn’t it just the cutest? Jeff Newsom takes amazing photos, and he shoots weddings, too…)

{by Jeff Newsom}

A touch of spring.

Send a garden through the mail, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Totally digging these engagement photos.

Happy blog birthday to 100 Layer Cake!

Lovely lips.

Pothole gardens, via Oh Joy!

50 steps to simple happiness, via A Cup of Jo.

Piano love.

John and Jackie.

I remembered this article, and now I’m dying to make some perfect chocolate chip cookies.

Have a happy weekend!


  • Alejandra says:

    Aww! That picture is beyond adorable. I love the fuzzy hat and the sad little face. It's kind of how I feel when I look out the window these days!

  • Dandelion and Grey says:

    What a DARLING photo!! I hope to do lots of relaxing this weekend! Have a great one! xo

  • Ananda says:

    What a gorgeous little baby picture! I think I'm going to be counter: this weekend I am rooting for more snow so that I can go out in the snow storm! Never seen so much snow in NYC! :-)

  • Kendra says:

    Those cookies from the NY Times really are the BEST cookies I have ever eaten-honest!

  • Anitra says:

    Firstly, Fantastic Blog… one of my little daily addictions. Im not even getting married! But you must try those cookies… they really are the best recipe! They have made me very popular around the studio! xxAnitra

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