Happy Weekend!

It’s Friday! Ryan’s parents are in town this weekend, so we have some fun things planned: lunch at Out the Door (have you had their warm sticky rice? you should – it’s delicious), the Pulp Fashion show at the Legion of Honor, and if the weather stays nice maybe a couple of winery tours.

{via BHLDN}

My bed would be so pretty with one of these headboards.

Ties by General Knot & Co., via Mint.

Is it a dress? Or lingerie?

Have you seen A Desert Fete’s new look? Love it!

TOMS wedding collection (something blue?).

The value of a dollar (10 organic blueberries or a double cheeseburger…), via Design Crush.

A letter to my wedding.

Wrap it in red polka dotted tissue paper. Whatever it is.

Camera love.

Jordan explains the key to a clean home (brilliant, Jordan).

Check out my 2011 wedding trend predictions.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!


  • Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I wish it wasn’t pouring rain here in Windsor and then a winery tour could be possible.

    Just found the blog and I love it!


  • Louise says:

    Also at Out the Door, their chicken soup with fat noodles is just the best!

  • Thanks for these lovely links Kathryn! I especially am excited about TOMS wedding line (finally a fabulous idea), the TIES and I really love your 2011 wedding predictions. :) Have a lovely weekend with the inlaws!

  • This is in regards to the Letter to My Wedding, from the view of a wedding planner:

    Not to offend any bride, but it seems to me that it’s become a sort of trend to whine about planning one’s wedding, and then blaming society. A person really doesn’t have to get married.

    And, it makes me sad because so many same-sex partners would *love* to plan a wedding, and can’t. I’m not a bride and so I can’t say what it’s like, but I have planned three weddings, several bridal showers, and a few baby showers. I genuinely find it FUN!

    I guess my advice would be: #1 Hire a wedding planner right away. #2 Don’t be bullied by family, friends, or society into doing anything.

    Thanks for sharing, Kathryn!

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