All this traveling is making me completely lose track of the days! I didn’t realize until 2:30 yesterday that it was Friday, and that I had totally forgotten to post my weekend links! Anyway, I love weekend links, and even though they’re a day late, I hope you’ll love them too. The weather is practically perfect here in Austin, so I plan on spending as much time out of doors as possible, maybe doing some reading (any good book suggestions?)…

Répondez Vite — ou Mourez!


DIY inspiration kits.

More happy from Sunday Edition #75.

When life hands you lemons, via A Cup of Jo.

Online marketing and the plus-sized bride.

Songs for February – better late than never!

Wear a little vintage.

Cherry blossom doughnuts for Spring.

If you’re going to get a paper cut… via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Lovely letterheads.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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  1. Orlando Wedding Photographers

    that is a cool photo, love it Orlando wedding photographers

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  2. Teresa

    Hey Kathryn, Teresa from Bryan's workshop… I just read the best book. (pretty superficial, but fun!) I fell in love with the main character. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. She also has Something Blue.. the names are right up your alley :) Hope you are doing well.

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  3. Kristin

    I highly recommend "Fidali's Way" by George Mastras. It's best book I've read in years!

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  4. Amberdawn

    Nice photography find with Jenna Walker!

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  5. Ananda

    Late but lovely! This very nice picture reminds me of Color me Katie's amazing work: -> p.s. I don't know Katie personally or have any link to her (so this is not spam :-)), just in case :-)

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  6. Ananda

    If you don't watch the whole vidoe, you can see the relevant pics here: (so fun!)

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  7. Joe

    Thanks so much for including a link to my papercuts! I saw a huge spike on my etsy page on Saturday and had to wait a whole day for analytics to tell me where you all were coming from:) Much appreciated!Joe (the papercutter)

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  8. meganlimjewelry

    Thanks for posting that photo…it's just about one of the sweetest captured moments I've seen in awhile. I'm jealous of the Austin weather, as it snowed all day yesterday here in Chicago.

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  9. Kate

    I am lovin that picture

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  10. Jolette

    This picture is heart-wrenchingly beautiful! Something about it reminds me of the animated film Up. Thanks for all these marvellous links, and do get yourself some historical novels by Philippa Gregory! They're unputdownable!

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  11. Ellen

    Two books to read:Flower Confidential by Amy Steward (awesome book about the cut flower industry-funny, easy to read and fascinating) It was my inspiration when starting Local Color Flowers.Committed by Jennifer Gilbert. Great, funny, introspective look at marriage. As a wife and wedding florist…i loved it!

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  12. Four Winds

    This pic definitely brings a smile to my face. Books… hmmm… have you checked out Water For Elephants by Sara Grunen? This is a great read! Synopsis-

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  13. Maureen

    I am in the middle of RSVP hell and feeling like I just want to call the whole thing off, and your wonderful blog was just what I needed. I loved the RVOM post, it was perfect, but you've also helped me remember again how beautiful and special this day can be. Thank you!

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