Happy Weekend!

What are your weekend plans? Hopefully they involve enjoying some beautiful spring weather – I’m thinking maybe a picnic?

by Jeremy Lawson


And of course some fun links…

Up, up and away!

If I had an extra $615 lying around and a party to go to, this Plexiglas clutch would be mine, via This is Glamorous.

How about a homemade film for your honeymoon?

I’m not a player I just blog a lot.

Mmmmmm…. sandwiches….

I want Jordan’s Paris apartment furniture. Especially that blue couch.

Are you a Marilyn or a Jackie? via This is Glamorous.

Paula Deen riding things. Hilarious. via @designcrush

Is it weird that a cat food commercial got me a little misty? (Here’s the extended version if you feel like it.)

Send more mail.

Darling “perfect match” save-the-dates!

And a paper record player wedding invitation (courtesy of Michelle!).

Fascinated by the How Did You Know Project… anyone have some love stories to share?

Congratulations to Forget Me Knot Weddings on the new site launch!

Have a lovely weekend friends!


  • oh how I hope the weather is nice enough for some strolls in the park. I think it will be. I have to renew my passport this weekend and organize my life… things are getting out of control! and by that I mean, I would die if anyone stopped by our apartment unannounced. happy Friday! xo

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