Happy Weekend!

I’m at that place in my pregnancy where when the baby moves I can actually see my belly move! How crazy is that?! I also recently discovered maxi dresses (don’t ask me what rock I’ve been under) and I’m pretty sure I’m going to start living in them. Anything that looks put together but feels like pajamas is aces in my book (pregnant or not). So that’s me these days – belly moves and maxi dresses. Not exactly the most exciting stuff (which I guess is good when you’re waiting around for a baby), so tell me about your exciting things! Wedding plans? Engagements? What’s new with you, dear readers?!

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04:19:13 Thornton Designs

Outfitting the nursery has me dreaming of a makeover for our bedroom, too.

Flowerwild does it again.

Super fun bright citrus print, via Mary Pinto’s Pinterest.

How cute are these hot air balloon cupcakes?

Ready for a picnic!

Dove does it again with this beauty sketch experiment (definitely worth a look!).

Well said, Victoria.

Darling blog elements by our friend Rebekka Seale.

Beautiful Mother’s Day brunch inspiration.

On swearing when you have kiddos.

Café pour quatre, via The Bedlam of Beefy.

Bee sting cake.

Whimsical baby shower invitations.

Great mix of retro and modern in this invite.

Such a beautiful, joyful photo project.

Save the date with chocolat.

Congratulations to Creature Comforts and Mrs. Lilien on the lovely new websites!

Want to help victims of the Boston Marathon explosions? Charity Navigator is a great place to start.

Have a happy weekend friends!

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