Happy Weekend!

Friends, I have a request of you. My nephew is going in for surgery today, which is just so scary. Actually, he’s probably taking it the best of any of us. He’s a sweetheart and a charmer, he loves to brush his auntie’s hair (I know – lucky auntie!), he loves his brothers, and he loves chocolate chip cookies almost as much as his mom does. Whatever you believe, or however you pray, I hope that you’ll keep him in mind today and in the weeks to come.

And because bubbles and laughing are always good for the body and soul…



Happy Mothers Day!

Pretty DIY spring wedding bouquet by Chelsea.

Fold up water bottle – love this!

BHLDN does decor. I especially love the cashier key stakes.

Such lovely family photos!

Calder’s so clever: a bourbon tasting bar for your wedding guests.

How about a cute new outfit for your iPhone, via Design Crush.

Food on a stick!

Pretty floral demi robe from Ari Dein.


Inspired by the royal wedding…?

My favorite round-up of Will and Kate’s nuptials.

Why not celebrate your new family with a custom herald, via Once Wed.

Or top your noggin with a fabulous hat from Preston & Olivia.


Have a happy weekend, friends. And Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful women in our lives!


  • Peter Hopkins says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your nephew.


  • Thanks for the fun links! Love the food on a stick one!

    I will keep your nephew in my thoughts and prayers, for sure. I hope he recovers soon!

  • I’ll absolutely be praying for him and your family. Please keep us posted as to how everything goes!

  • Surgery is so scary especially when you are the one sitting in the waiting room waiting for that little one to emerge. My heart still clenches when I think about my kiddo going in and that was only for some tiny little ear tubes. I hope that he comes through with flying colors. You will be in my thoughts. I am certain he knows just how much you all love him and that always makes all things easier.

  • Robin says:

    Positive mojo being sent your way! Faith, love and trust will pull you and your family through. Prayers of peace to you and yours.

  • I am unworthy to pray effectively but if you like i can pass your nephews name to a priest. Christian orthodox dogma requires that i know his cristian given name, you can email it to me if you like.

  • Amanda V says:


    I SO hope that your nephew’s surgery went very well today and that you get lots of opportunities to help him feel special and snuggly and loved while he recovers (and that his recovery is short and easy).

  • Kathryn, will hold your nephew and family in my thoughts today. Hope that everything goes smoothly. He’s a cutie. It’s a gorgeous Spring morning here, and that means only good things can come. Sending love… Jill.

  • My thoughts are with you and your family for your nephew. Wishing you much love.
    Thank you for the video post! That laugh is truly infectious.

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