Happy Weekend!

It’s supposed to rain here this weekend, so I’m planning to take advantage of the crummy weather and do some organizing. There’s always something so satisfying about getting rid of things and sorting the rest (I’m not alone in that, right?). Even with the rain, now that it’s June, I can’t stop thinking about summer trips. Especially road trips – I haven’t been on a good road trip in a few years (moving cross country so doesn’t count), and I’m really craving one. Are you going anywhere fun this summer? Do you have a favorite road trip?

by Mandy Lynne


Do you miss pudding pops as much as I do? via Design Crush

Cutest guest book alternative – thumb prints, balloons, a bike… via Utterly Engaged.

Jennifer Behr veils at J.Crew!

Lovely budget-friendly earrings for your bridesmaids (and yourself), via The Neo-Traditionalist.

Rifle’s invitation suites get me every time.

Congratulations to Jordan on the new website – it looks amazing!

New use for old window shutters.

Desktop strawberry calendar for June.

Love the whimsy of a gazillion bouncy balls in San Francisco.

How incredible are these hydrangeas spilling off the table? Perfectly dramatic.

Online shelter magazines are thriving (and in the New York Times!).

If love ain’t cool, then cool we ain’t.


Have a happy weekend everyone!



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  • You are amazing…where do you find all of these amazing things!??? (Thanks for including my strawberry calendar) :)


    Coming here always makes me wish I were getting married all over again!

  • I like getting rid of things so much that it might be unhealthy. But I prefer to think of it as “editing” my things :)

    My favorite road trip is down Highway 1 (that’s what we’re planning for our honeymoon!)!

  • Carrie says:

    I do miss pudding pops! Every now and then I’ll see a dog that has that distinct swirling caramel and chocolate brown fur and it’ll remind me of pudding pops.

  • Oh I love organizing – purge, edit, and reorganize. My favorite weekend activity! And road trips – funny you ask. We are going to the pacific Northwest this summer for 2 weeks – via car with kids! cant wait. Happy Summer!

  • I’m in San Francisco where it rained cats and dogs for awhile this afternoon. I’m catching up on blogging and organzing my house before I leave for Lake Tahoe. Hopefully all this rain will let up and I can do vacay stuff like swim in the lake and hike . . . happy weekend!

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