Happy Weekend!

I’ve got quite the weekend planned – we’re leaving Saturday to move from Wisconsin all the way to Austin! I’ll be taking a break from inspiration boards next week, but I’ve got some beautiful real weddings lined up for you. Until then, here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week…

Beautiful wedding film by A Bryan Photo. Love these guys!

DIY succulent favors and centerpieces, via 100 Layer Cake.

The beautiful brand new Once Wed makes me want a blog makeover!

How romantic is this dress?

Some great summer road trip ideas, via Style Court.

Ricotta doughnuts, yes please.

Loving the mismatched bridesmaid look.

Take some beauty inspiration from days gone by.

And if anyone has any tips for my honey and me about Austin, we’re all ears! Restaurants, shops, where to get my hair cut, anything we should know and check out!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  • Catherine @ Urban Botanic says:

    Good Luck with everything this weekend & next week…I hope it's as stress-free as possible :)


    Yes! Love the mismatched bridesmaids! They're your best friends – let their own personalities shine through :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Julia says:

    I've only heard good things of Austin. hope you have a good move!

    p.s. your posts and boards are always so inspiring!

    ~from another Wisconsin native :)

  • Suzanne says:

    Go eat at the Oasis in Austin! Yummy food and a great view (and not too expensive!)

  • burntphotograph says:

    hope you packed your tank tops because austin is HOT! really, really hot… like, feeling your skin burn on your body hot. :) however, the food is wonderful. some of my favorite places are/were taco cabana (the best "fast food" tex mex), freebird's (burritos), taco deli (breakfast tacos), waterloo records, book people, cheapo disks, stubb's/the parish/la zona rosa/antone's (concerts), the domain and barton creek mall (shopping!) and HEB (grocery). i got my hair cut at the pearl salon on capital of texas (i lived in north austin)… oh, and a lot of the major streets have two names which can get confusing!

    it's a fun city with tons of amazing food. it's just more expensive than i liked.

  • MDC says:

    Good luck with the move! I've been lucky enough to visit Austin many many times this last year. What an amazing town! I spent most of my time hanging out at the Whole Foods (beats any NYC location) and laying in the sun at Barton Springs.

  • Rachel says:

    I live here in Austin. You will LOVE it! I've grown up here and don't plan on leaving. Email me anytime if you have questions. Guero's Taco Bar on South Congress Ave is hands down the best taco place. Ah, there is so much I can tell you. Live music, killer shopping, laid back people… I could go on and on!!

  • Emily says:

    Wow! What a shift in worlds! I live in Duluth, Minnesota and have done alot of traveling but I never seem to love anywhere else than my big Lake Superior.

    I am so happy for you! Blessings!

  • Beth says:

    Austin is amazing! (Lived there for 5 years) Hot summers and mild winters– with the occasional ice storm. The food is wonderful, the people are friendly, and it's the live musical capitol of the world! Look out for Leslie, Austin's own cross dresser.

    Places to check out: Saltlick BBQ ( south of Austin but worth the trip), Trudy's ( Tex-Mex, great margaritas), Mozart's & Hula Hut ( right off Lake Austin), Juan in a Million (breakfast tacos), Central Market (grocery store & cafe), 4th, 5th & 6th Streets for nights out … and all the other places people have suggested.

    Good luck with your move!

  • Sarah Elizabeth says:

    We just moved last week. A little advice: unpack the kitchen first and don't feel like you have to unpack everything the first day. Good luck!

  • Michele says:

    Welcome to Austin!

    I have lived in Austin my entire life and I love it here. My few suggestions are Chuy's for Mexican food, County Line for BBQ, Wet Salon on South Congress to get a haircut (see Leslee, she's amazing), shopping on South Congress and at The Domain, ice cream at Amy's Ice Cream, grocery shopping at Central Market, pizza at Home Slice pizza on South Congress. Oh and you must go to Alamo Drafthouse to see movies (they have 4 locations in Austin) where you can see a movie and eat dinner (the food is pretty good and they serve alcohol!).

    Yes the weather is crazy hot in the summer but it's so beautiful here and the people are great. I hope you really enjoy the city!

  • Joanna Goddard says:

    have a great weekend and good luck with the move! xoxo

  • cloverstl says:

    You will love Austin! Though I have family in Wisconsin so I happen to be partial to that state too. If you ever need any cool places to go in Austin, let me know!

  • m says:

    good, good luck! i'm a former texan, now ny'er…
    i have to second a few of the previous tips, including taco cabana (fast food, yes; good, yes yes!) central market does at least match up to whole foods, if not kick its butt every now and then. guero's is really cool.
    my only addition would be uncommon objects, in soco. definately one of the better thrift/antique/flea shops i've been in.

  • Whitney Elizabeth says:

    what?!? you've lived in Wisconsin this whole time?!? how did I miss that?

    -a fellow Wisconsinite.

  • Llubav says:

    How great! My husband and I plan to take a road trip to Austin this summer while visiting family in Dallas. I heard a lot of fantastic things about the place. Can't wait! Have a great weekend and best of luck with the moving! xoxo

  • Carol says:

    Happy weekend! I've been reading your blog for quiet a while, but I got engaged on Saturday, so now I'll really be using your site for my own inspiration. Love your blog!

  • Kristy says:

    You're moving to Austin?! Yay! Yes, the heat will be an adjustment (and you picked a swell time to move – it's starting to heat up for real this weekend, but still nothing like it'll be in July…), but the rest of the wonderful things about the city will make up for it.

    I know you were here visiting friends not too terribly long ago, so you have resources, but please let me know if you need anything!

  • {quixotic.elizabeth} says:

    Austin is awesome!! For real. Defiantly be on the look out for Leslie, remember to "keep Austin weird", and visit Barton Springs at least once! As for restaurants, my favorite mexican/tex -mex food is at Chuy's and Matt's El Rancho. (Matt's is a little pricey but not tooo bad and they have GREAT Pina Coladas – virgin or regular!)Someone else mentioned Taco Cabana and I must agree. It is "fast food" but they make their own tortillas in house and it's really tasty and cheap.

    Also, go to La Madeline!! I swear, the La Madeline in Austin has THE BEST napoleans in the world. I've never come across any better ones – – even at other La Madeline restaurants!

    Finally, Lucy's cakes on Bee Caves Rd. is AMAZING! They are a full on bakery in the wedding/celebration market but you can, of course, have a cake made any time. AND, if you visit their shop you can buy a slice of cake and a nice beverage and sit on their little patio to eat it! Soooooo goood!!!

    Goodness, giving suggestions starts to make me jealous! I miss Austin!! I have so many! If you're wanting to know anything specific feel free to email me! I'm a wealth of Austin-info!

    Good luck with the move and congrats on your engagement!!

  • Selina says:

    The staples in Austin are:
    Kirby Lane for brunch
    Chuy's, Hula Hut, and Trudy's for Mexican Martinis (and food!)
    Amy's Ice Cream (Mexican vanilla is my absolute FAV)
    Also, I really like Z Tejas….their menu is always interesting and drinks are creative….

  • simplesong says:

    happy weekend, to you!

    [thanks for the blog love/link].

  • Emily says:

    Best of the luck with the move. Thank you for the blog love!

  • Tracy says:

    Holy Cow! I live in Illinois and am going downt to Austin next week to check it out. Thinking of moving there as well. Good luck!

  • barchbo says:

    How fabulous you are moving to Austin! There have been so many great suggestions from people, but so much will depend on what part of Austin you live in to find your neighborhood faves.

    I would reiterate: Taco Deli for breakfast tacos and TC for fast-food Mexican. Amy's for ice cream.
    And of cours the flagship Whole Foods is it's own beast!

    Also: Juan in a Million, Magnolia Cafe, Jo's Coffee. The Trailer Park, Hey, Cupcake! Tiff's Treats…so many good places to eat. Home Slice for pizza, too.

    Shopping: South Congress, Domain, the Drag, the Neiman's Last Call @ 360/Lamar.

    Hair, dry cleaners, nails, waxing, shoe repair…all of those things you have to discover all over again.

    Welcome to town! Like the other locals, email if you have any questions!!

  • A Bryan Photo says:

    Thank you so much for the link LUV!!
    We love your blog and are so thankful for you.
    Good luck in Austin! Maybe we can meet up now that you are in the South!
    Bryan Johnson

  • Sugar Plum says:

    Thanks for thinking of us, mismatched bridesmaids are so much fun!

  • Em says:

    a trip to austin is never complete without a margarita and chips and queso at hula hut. it's a superfun little tex-mex icon on lake austin. enjoy!

  • carina romano says:

    Thanks for the linkage! Austin is amazing, and good luck with everything!

  • Birthday says:

    congrats on the move kathryn… i hope you have some time to enjoy your travels. looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

  • Brooke says:

    Welcome to Austin, Kathryn! I just moved back a few months ago, too bad it's just in time for the heat. You'll love Gardens, a nursery and homegoods store on 35th St., Mercury (interiors) and Eliza Page (jewelry) on 2nd St, Uchi on S. Lamar for sushi, and if you ever need to order flowers you know who to call :).

  • Michelle says:

    Welcome to Texas! Come and check out Fredericksburg when you get a chance. It's become quite the place for destination weddings–especially the wineries and vineyards.

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