Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow I’m headed to Sonoma for a wine tasting bachelorette party – believe it or not, I’ve spent most of my life in Northern California and never been wine tasting! So it should be a fun weekend, especially since it looks like we’re rain free for the time being. It also got me thinking that I’d love to hear your best ideas for bachelorette and bridal shower celebrations – any favorite themes or games or places?

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Some links for your weekend!

Cinemagraphs are just about the coolest thing ever.

I’d love to attend a crawfish boil wedding shower, wouldn’t you?

Whimsical Maui wedding.

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12 months of caramels, via Oh Hello Friend.

White charcoal pencils… I sense some DIY chalkboard projects in my future.

Stripes are in, even when it comes to popsicles.

Can you tell I’m loving watercolor wedding stationery?

I want this $6000 punch bowl. What? A girl can dream.

I was a guest judge! See the winners of Elizabeth Anne Designs‘ and The Sweetest Occasion‘s Inspired Creations contest today.


Have a happy weekend lovelies!


  • The best bachelorette party I’ve ever been to involved lots of silly inappropriate toys, a delicious dinner, the bar and the typical how well the bride knows the groom games. The one thing that was done amid all the silliness was a toast. We all stopped giggling and each of us raised our champagne glasses and gave a heartfelt, beautiful toast and wish for the happy couple. It was the perfect mix of love and celebration! Might be a great addition to a wine tasting :) Have a great time!!

  • Caroline says:

    Please do a post on some of the best bacherlorette ideas! I’m currently in the throes of planning one and could use some inspiration. Have a fabulous time! :-)

  • Caroline says:

    Please do a post on some of the best bacherlorette ideas! I’m currently in the throes of planning one and could use some inspiration. Have a fabulous time! :-)

  • I really like the panty game: each attendee brings a (new) pair of panties for the bride that reflect their taste/personality and the bride has to guess which panty goes with which guest. If she gets it wrong, she may have to take a sip of something … but that’s up to you ;). It’s fun AND the bride has a bunch of pretty new things to bring on her honeymoon.

  • Wine tasting, how fun! The panty game sounds so fun and cute, I could imagine that causing tons of giggles! Have a great weekend!


  • thanks so much for being a guest judge, kathryn! you are the best. :)

    have a lovely weekend at the bachelorette!

  • Leah says:

    My wedding is Kentucky Derby themed so my bachelorettes and I went to Churchill Downs for Opening Night for my party!

  • First- I hope you have a lovely weekend participating in all the fun that you write about! I grew up in DC area and there are a ton of wineries and I only just went recently to a Virginia Winery as well!

    I am doing a post on a Bachelorette that my friend just hosted…
    “Rachel’s favorite things”- she even got a fake invitation! Then, the night before she was presented with a gilttery hand made one of a kind Rachels Favorite Things awaits you….
    It was a full evening of stops that included memories, poems, a toast at a favorite dock, late night pizza at the old field hockey practice stop, and her favorite Chicago restaurant. Each life long friend added a touch- it was lovely!

  • Candice says:

    My wonderful MOH threw a bachelorette party for me that entailed a pole dancing class and a fondue restaurant for dessert. Everyone was skeptical of the dance class, but in the end we all had fun be so far out of our normal element. A few of the girls have even talked about going back as a workout class. My arms were burning for days.

  • My MOH is throwing me a best of my places shower. So everyone will get a category in their invite and they bring something from all my fave spots. I am so excited to see how it turns out. The shower decor will match that idea.

  • I love karaoke! I would definitely suggest to you a karaoke-themed bridal shower party! :) Anyway, if that won’t suit the bride, you can always go for something which the bride will enjoy the most and can relate to. :)

  • I recently had a hen weekend on a barge. We travelled down the canals from Bradford-upon-Avon in England, to Bath! It was fantastic! xG

  • Danielle says:

    Hope you had a great time in Sonoma! We’re getting married there in September and my demanding job and the cross-country locations and my bridesmaids and myself is not allowing much time for a bachelorette party, so we’re thinking of doing someone in Sonoma a day or two before the wedding. Would love to see your write-up of your event this weekend.


  • If it’s not too late, you should check out the Church Mouse thrift store in Sonoma — I saw a nearly exact punch bowl there a few weeks ago for $50.

  • PS — I’m sure it’s not the same quality as your eBay find, but the look is the same . . .

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