Happy Weekend!

I’m so excited – after some frustrating wedding planning stops and starts, we’ve finally decided on a date and a place! You’d think that after blogging about weddings every day for the last two years I’d have a very clear idea of what kind of wedding I’d be having. In some ways I suppose that’s true, but in other ways it’s just incredibly overwhelming. Hopefully now that we’ve finally figured out the where and the when, it will be easier to edit out some of the endless possibilities and focus on what makes sense for our wedding. Hopefully… Of course I have some favorite links to share with you this week:

Who knew a surveillance video could be so cool? No really, you have to watch this.

Darling new font by Jessica Hische.

Clever photobooth.

Or how about a shadow booth?

Sweet shoot from Steep Street.


Wouldn’t this be a fun way to spend a summer evening?

Tempted to elope, yet again…

Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


  • Amber says:

    I've been thinking about my wedding since the dawn of time, and I still find myself second-guessing every move I make. I think it just goes with the territory.

    It probably doesn't help when you know everyone is so excited about it, either.

  • iisy says:

    wow, congrats with finding the date and time. i'm sure it's going to be super beautiful.

  • shanon says:

    Congrats on being on step closer to the big day! This is a great photo too by the way. Sexy and fun at the same time. =)

  • lazybride says:

    Congrats on finding a place and picking a date! So exciting. So smart to wait a bit to decide those things.

    Thanks for sharing that you were overwhelmed, it makes those of us not in the design/visualization world feel better! However, I hope you don't have many of those moments!

  • courtney says:

    I love that photo! (and congrats on setting the date and venue!)

  • brides {bliss} says:

    Kathryn, I know exactly what you mean. My friends and family often wonder how it's possible that I can write about weddings yet not even know where to begin with my own. I think when a person is creative and has SO many ideas, it's difficult to narrow them down. For me, nearly impossible. A venue and a church are a good start though!

  • Amber says:

    I agree with bridesbliss. As a wedding planner and blogger, you see so much of what you could do, and then you have way too many ideas for when it's actually your turn. And unless you're really decisive, you'll want to do bits of everything! I honestly think it's worse for us who know the world of what's out there..and I went through the same stress a month ago when I was in that situation.

  • Kristy says:

    Oh, Kathryn, yay for having a place and a date! I know I felt hugely relieved when I settled on a date and location.

    I hope the rest of your planning is going well! =)

  • Maggie says:

    I am so, SO excited to see your wedding come together! You've provided so much inspiration to so many other brides that it's going to be amazing seeing what inspires YOU for your own celebration. Best of luck!

  • Joanna Goddard says:

    love that perfect red lipstick in the photo! they should call it Coke Red.

  • Joanna Goddard says:

    ps. congratulations on finding the place and the time for your wedding — i TOTALLY hear you about wedding planning be stressful, but in my experience, it was stressful at the beginning and eased off into awesome peaceful bliss :) it gets so much better, don't worry! xoxo

  • {The Perfect Palette} says:

    i understand your pain. but believe me -its way easier when you at least get the venue & the date nailed down! Once you have that, it becomes a little easier to determine which vision you want to bring to life. I agree with the previous poster who said… "I think when a person is creative and has SO many ideas, it's difficult to narrow them down."

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