Happy Weekend!

This week just flew by! I’m trying to find a better work/life balance, so this week I made time to read and cook and just sit outside – amazing what a difference it makes! Next on the list is finding a yoga class… you know, since yoga’s so hard to come by in the San Francisco Bay Area (not at all). This weekend I’m going to keep practicing this new work/life balance, with some sunbathing and brunching with my friend Mariam. What are you up to? How do you maintain a balance of work and life that keeps you sane?

by Jules Falk Hunter


Little pink church in the middle of the English countryside! (and the video, too)

Tons of inspiration on the Trendy Traveler tumblr.

How cute is this baby elephant taking a bath?

TheĀ perfect sunhat.

The Impossible Project has a shop!

Itsy bitsy wedding invitations.

Check out my green slideshow on the brand new kirtsy.

Gourmet picnic baskets – aren’t they beautiful?!

A surprise proposal/wedding – so romantic!


Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


  • Oh my goodness, I really need to get on this, too. Work life balance. I keep promising myself some art time or to make a big complicated meal that yields plenty of tasty leftovers and lets me zone out in the kitchen. Or yoga. I too could use some of that! Good luck – you can do it!

  • I am SO in this frame of mind right now…between work, blogging and a zillion other commitments, it’s easy to forget to just ENJOY the summer. Cheers to your weekend of rejuvenation! xo

  • Great post, I love your blog and read it every day. I am not married or engaged, just love all the pretty pictures :o)

  • Cara says:

    This balance is always a battle for me. This summer has been awesome though. I am a teacher so I have summers off and my husband works from anywhere that has wifi so we vacationed for three weeks this summer! It was SO needed. Its been the most vacation we have taken in 5 years and we needed it! bridal shower stamps

  • katy dennison says:

    look for an ashtanga yoga studio. ashtanga yoga is all about balancing your life for a more peaceful and happy you. it changed my life!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Love the happy paint feet! I can’t say enough amazing things about Laughing Lotus on 16th and Dolores. Soulful amazing yoga practices with great teachers. Love them. Hope the work/life balance is coming along nicely!

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