Happy Weekend!

My honey starts his new job next week (woohoo!) and we’re thinking of celebrating with a last minute trip to Carmel. Any suggestions for things we must see, do, eat, for a quick two-day trip? That won’t break the bank? I’m really looking forward to it, since our only trip so far this summer was the big move, and think we can all agree that doesn’t count.

What about you? Any fun summer plans?

Paper cut bookmarks.

Wouldn’t this poster be a darling baby announcement? via Twig & Thistle

Cheerful yellow bridesmaids.

Fabulously fashionable French wedding.


Wedding trousers? Yes!

Dig these invites.

And this menu.

Windshield rainbow.

Eames high chair.

Wearing wallpaper.

I’m always a little excited about a stamp release.

Incredible venue.

Loving this fashion spread, via Dress, Design & Decor.

Equally wed.

Movie night done right!

Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


  • Daniella says:

    Thanks for the link love :)
    That photo is perfect for the weekend! Have a good one…

  • ahh summer roadtrips. take the drive down to Big Sur on the coast…it’s perfection! soak it all in for us!

  • Go see the Haley Mills Parent Trap house! I heard there’s actually a bike tour that takes your right be there.

  • I just got back from a mini road trip up the coast through Big Sur. Definitely worth while to drive a little south of Carmel for a stop at the Big Sur Bakery for brunch this weekend (they only do brunch on the weekend).

    Along the way stop at Point Lobos State Reserve for a leisurely walk along the cliffs in search of sea lions, sea otters, and great blue herrons. We were told by the park ranger to do what the locals do and park along the road outside the park and walk in from there: http://www.pointlobos.org/Information.html

  • I don’t know Carmel except that it is beautiful. Have a great time!!!

    ps – when the hubs and I want a quick weekend getaway on a budget, I will go to the store and get some really good sandwich making materials (nice meats and cheese, etc) and keep in a cooler in the car. That will usually be our lunch and then we can spend a little more on dinner.

  • Amber says:

    Ditto in the Big Sur Bakery suggestion – their brunch is wonderful, as is their dinner. I would also suggest a beer on the deck at Nepenthe, the view is fabulous, but their food isn’t worth the $$.

  • Just came back from Carmel…it is SO damn charming. We had a great dinner on the patio of Sushi Heaven on 7th and Dolores. The fish was SO fresh. Prices were totally reasonable, especially considering it was sushi. We also walked by a VERY cute/romantic French restaurant called Le Bicyclette. That’s supposed to be incredible as well. Have fun!

  • Yay! I am getting married in Carmel next month. Definitely go to Katy’s Place for Breakfast – AMAZING Mission St./5th – Cash only I recommend Eggs Benedict or the Crab Omelette.

    Dinner – Luca on Dolores St. I went with my best friend who is an awesome chef in Austin and she LOVED IT! You have to get the octupus appetizer if you enjoy seafood.

    And of course the Monterey Bay Aquarium for fun or if you haven’t been. Have a wonderful time!!! BTW – Agree with Amber about Nepenthe – Drinks Only..maybe fries too.

  • vivienne says:

    Dinner at Passionfish (in Pacific Grove) is a must! See old Monterey (historic adobes & museums)! Oh, and have a bonfire & s’mores on Carmel beach. I heart Carmel – I’m e getting married in the Monterey Peninsula next year! :)

  • I was born and raised in Carmel, my family still lives there, my dad owns an art gallery on dolores. For good italian that is a locals place, Da Giovanni on dolores across from jack londons pub, the owner has a bunch of new restaurants, just opened up one in the plaza on Ocean, but I still think Da Giovanni is the best one. Also La Playa for drinks on the patio on 8th and Camino Real, and for a super cute place to shop on the corner of lincoln and ocean, it’s a homegoods store and it’s great. Also Westbrook Galleries for good modern art, not that I’m biased or anything :)

  • KATHRYN says:

    Thanks for all the awesome suggestions! I’ll let you know what we end up doing…

  • Kelly says:

    Go and have lunch and a little wine tasting at the Corkscrew Cafe. It has a beautiful patio with wine bottle fountains, a garden, and even love-birds. And the food is incredible. We are total foodies (my fiancee is a chef and I sell wine) and we loved it so much that we booked it for our wedding in April! Have a great time!

  • Angela says:

    I’m getting married in Carmel in October. Have a GREAT time! Just hang out at Carmel State Beach or Asilomar State Beach. BTW, it’s going to be WILD there this weekend with Concours d’Elegance. Don’t drool over the cars too much! :D

  • Meredith says:

    Visit the Tuck Box for Tea & Scones… it’s off Dolores & 7th Avenue and also, Jan de Luz for window shopping! Enjoy!

  • cindy says:

    Carmel River Beach – where the river meets the ocean. Absolutely my favorite place in California; esp the river side. Flaherty’s Oyster Bar: chowder, beer and bread. We’ve been going there for over 30 years (yep I’m that old and went there on our honeymoon). The oyster bar is better than the restaurant section.

    have fun ;-)

  • ilse says:

    Congratulations on his new job! Carmel is a fantastic place to celebrate- and I don’t just say that because I grew up and lived there until I was 18, and now as an adult can only tear myself as far away from it as San Francisco:) There are so many great places, but one that I have always loved, and is a little lesser-known, is a place called the Corkscrew out in Carmel Valley (you take Carmel Valley Road out about 12-15 minutes away from Carmel.) It is a great little restaurant and you can enjoy wine flights out in their relaxing patio. Carmel Valley is usually sunnier and definitely warmer than Carmel even though it is only a couple minutes inland, and it can really make all the difference if you find yourself in a little fog. The food at Corkscrew is delicious and the rustic decor is amazing.
    (As a side note, a cute shop you might like is called Tancredi and Morgan and it is in between Carmel and Carmel Valley. Leaving Carmel on CV Road, it is in a little shopping area right after the turn off to Quail Lodge.) Enjoy Carmel and more importantly your time together!! Thanks as always for an amazing site!

  • Congrats on the job. Have fun on your last minute trip.
    Our plans just include spending a relaxing summer at home with family.

  • Ariel says:

    Vivolo’s Chowderhouse…best chowder ever! Get the garlic top. And the aquarium is amazing. There’s also free two hour parking on Ocean Avenue. The car show is fun too.

  • My husband and I just moved to CA in Feb. We have found Dametra Cafe, in Carmel a wonderful dining experience. It’s tiny though, and always packed.
    Make a reservation!. :)

  • Marianne says:

    I have lived most of my life in Carmel – with college in NYC and 5 years in San Diego. Must see in Carmel:
    Shopping: Anthropologie and The Cheese Shop in the Carmel Plaza. My favorite Anthro and I’ve been to many. Think indoor fountain. Diggidy Dog (If you have a dog). Girl Boy Girl and Paloosh. You will love!
    Eating: The Cheese Shop (again), Breakfast at Katy’s Place, dinner at Dametra Cafe on Ocean Ave. This is an amazing Mediterranean experience! http://www.dametracafe.com/ Dinner at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach(think bagpipers at sundown). Lunch at Bernardus in Carmel Valley (try the ceviche at Wickets). Follow this with wine tasting at the Bernardus tasting room.
    To do: window shop and gallery browse on Ocean Ave. Hike Point Lobos, Carmel Beach (white sand…a must see), Cannery Row and The Aquarium in Monterey. The drive through Pebble Beach on your way to Spanish Bay or The Lodge.
    Weather: think fog. Unless, you make your way to Bernardus in Carmel Valley, then think sun. Do pack layers. The sun could always come out!

  • lia says:

    Nepenthe deck (it once was a little loveshack owned by Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth and has amazing view of Big Sur), Henry Miller Library (it’s just a stroll down from Nepenthe and Frank Black of the Pixies is playing a garden concert there on Sunday), and Flaherty’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar in Carmel (awesome fish, reasonable prices). So jealous of you right now!

  • Sounds like an awesome place. Based in Sydney have been to CA but not that particular place. Will put in on our list for next time we are in the states. We spent our Winter in Egypt for a 2 week photography getaway was awesome. Love the image!

  • irene says:

    If you are heading out into Carmel Valley at some point I have a non-food suggestion. Go to the Talbott store in the village — it’s basically super discounted beautiful ties, shirts, suits, etc. They also sell leftover fabrics that they make the ties and shirts out of, for exceedingly reasonable prices (last time I went most were $5-15/yard). Well worth it if you like fabric and/or your husband likes ties.

  • This is crazy – We have an outdoor movie party every year at my farm in Upstate New York, except we put the screen on our barn. We just held this year’s party last night, served homemade ice cream sandwiches, and showed “The Sandlot.” I’ll be posting pictures on my blog soon!

  • Tricia says:

    Definitely do the 17-mile drive! so pretty. i just love walking along the streets and checking out the shops. my favorite place to eat is the grill on ocean. and if you get the chance, definitely head to the monterey bay aquarium

  • This photo reminds me my holiday – we were traveling all around the Europe by trains this year (that was our honeymoon). Thank you for that mood recall :)

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