Quick request before I share links with you… I’m looking for some new non-wedding blog reads and I want your input. Help me out and leave a comment with up to 10 of your very favorite blogs (design, food, baby, mommy, DIY, etc.) – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

This weekend is jam packed for us… tonight is my friend’s birthday party (Happy 30th Susie!), we have another friend in town visiting, and then I’m hosting a baby shower for a third friend on Sunday. It seems like a lot after barely leaving the house all summer, but I’m really looking forward to all of these things – I love spending my days with baby, but it also is so nice to be social again! And, since it’s been awhile, I hope you’ll forgive me posting a pic of my Caroline who is almost three months old. (Thanks to my friend Samantha for the super cute bandana bib!)


What an exciting week this was for us with the launch of Snippet & Ink Select!

Meaningful relationship advice for newlyweds.

I love it when fashion doesn’t take itself too seriously.

How about a father-daughter first look?

If it weren’t sold out, I think this straw fedora might have been the hat to make me start wearing hats.

Pretty, modern enamelware.

Loving this series of vintage beach pics, via A Cup of Jo.

Gold foil stripe coasters will make any day a party!

And finally, a shameless pitch: My soon-to-be brother-in-law set up a t-shirt fundraiser for my 6 year old nephew fighting cancer. Help us reach the goal of 50 t-shirt sales!


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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  1. jennifer prod

    I blog about random acts of happiness — it’s pretty fun & always happy: http://www.apartment-wife.com

    Hope you enjoy :)

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  2. Laura

    Some of my favorite blogs: Young House Love, Jones Design Company, How Sweet It Is (my fave food blog), Honey + Fitz, the Hunted Interior. Most of these are DIY/design blogs, but they are the ones I like to read the most..

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  3. Ella

    For pure reading, I like Rage Against the Minivan. Good one.

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  4. brklynite

    just a quick misprint up there – the beach pictures aren’t via Cup of Jo.

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  5. Stephanie

    My favourite blogs: What I Wore, Dear Baby, Young House Love, Dear Photograph, and Wendy’s Lookbook..

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  6. Katie

    http://www.deercircus.com – lifestyle, photography, beautiful words, etc.
    http://www.dearbabyblog.com – life, motherhood, beautiful words too, etc.
    http://www.harpershappenings.com – motherhood, life, Mandy is hilarious.
    http://www.sometimesweet.blogspot.com – adore Dani Hampton and her little family!
    http://www.secondhandsundays.blogspot.com – life, pretty photos, art, inspiration, etc.
    http://www.thisonesforyoublog.com/ – stunning photos, soon to be mother, lovely blog.
    http://mycakies.com/ – motherhood, recipes, adorable family! etc.

    these are just some of the ones I love.

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  7. Shayla

    I love Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard. She posts a lot of general lifestyle things, but the way she makes them into weekly features makes you really look forward to reading her blog. Same with Oh Joy! but hers is more consumer based. And of course OhSoBeautifulPaper :)

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  8. Erin Hodges

    http://www.figandcotton.com! :)

    Caroline is just gorgeous!

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  9. Kate

    I am addicted to the New York Times’ parenting blog, The Motherlode. Always interesting articles spanning all sorts of issues and ages. – http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com

    Note to Self has lots of pretty photos – http://www.notetoselfblog.com/note_to_self/

    And Reading Everywhere doesn’t post a lot, but the book recommendations are great. – http://www.readingeverywhere.com

    Caroline is adorable!

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  10. Maggie

    freutcake (Lifestyle)
    Design Sponge (Design)
    Oh Joy (Design/Lifestyle)
    Nat the Fat Rat (Lifestyle w Baby)
    JayAdores (fashion)
    Gal Meets Glam (fashion/beauty)
    Sincerely Jules (fashion/lifestyle)
    Seersucker & Saddles (fashion)
    Old, New & The Wee One Too (Lifestyle/baby)
    Lillies & Leon (Lifestyle/Baby)

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  11. Shannon C.

    I’m mostly in the quilt blogosphere, but my very favorite blog is Young House Love. Also, for a bit of irreverent humor, dooce.com

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  12. Kathryn

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Keep ’em coming!

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  13. Kate

    One more. Scouting New York is a blog written by a location scout in New York and has the coolest pictures and stories of all the hidden gems he finds in the city. I love reading about secret tunnels and building history, and this site always makes me want to take off for New York and just walk around for miles.


    This is a post of his “best of’s” – http://www.scoutingny.com/?page_id=985

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  14. Rachel

    The very best mom blog: Science of Mom: The Heart and Science of Parenting (http://scienceofmom.com/); she’s working on a book, too – can’t wait till it’s published!

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  15. Ms. Stork

    In Honor of Design, Elements of Style, Little Green Notebook, Nesting Place, Tulips & Flight Suits, Making it Lovely, Oh Joy!, Maskcara, Bower Power, 4 Men 1 Lady, Eat Drink Pretty just to name a few!!! PS there are a lot of Katie’s that follow…we should have a club lol!

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  16. Lindsay

    Peppermint Bliss, What Would Gwyneth Do, and Little Baby Garvin are all fun, funny, and great reads. And now that I think about it, all have little girls! In the food blog realm, Dinner: A Love Story and Joy the Baker are both great for food but still enjoyable to read even if your kitchen is the last place you want to be ;0) Good luck on your search – and your little one is just the cutest!!

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    • Kathryn

      Thank you Lindsay! Excited to check these out – and thank you for the baby love! :)

  17. Brenda Hodges

    My favorite read is Flower Patch Farmgirl…real, funny and inspiriring ~

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  18. Altina

    My favorite blog at the moment is Purplelue Wedding Blog – a wedding inspirations blog featuring real weddings in Asia and is also a source for crafts and DIY. :-)

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  19. Altina

    The website address btw is: http://www.purplelue.com

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  20. Michelle

    Here are some random favorites.

    Young House Love (of course)
    Bower Power
    Lesley W Graham
    Tales of me and the husband

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  21. sweetquinceaneradress

    What an adorable baby.

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  22. Monica

    Camille Styles and The Inspired Room are 2 good of my favs.

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  23. Monica

    oops. Guess I’m tired. I meant to say 2 good ones and my favs.

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  24. gorgeousminute

    Some of my favourite ones are: Dinner a Love Story, Joy the Baker, Orangette, Mama Congo, and How to Paint the Sky

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  25. Sarah

    I really like The Art of Doing Stuff – she’s got great DIY sense and know how and she’s very funny. Everything from backyard chickens (the right way) to great gardening and cooking how-to’s to re-tiling your kitchen, she’s got it covered with a great sense of humor to boot. Here’s the link: http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/. I’m not going to promote myself, but if you’re on Tumblr, check out my wall :)

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  26. Nancy Duggan

    Serious beautiful baby! Congratulations!
    Is mommy planning her wedding already? :-)

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  27. Tanner

    Soulemama.com and playathomemom.com

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  28. carolyn


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  29. Laura


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  30. Kathryn

    Thanks again everyone! I can’t wait to check out all these awesome blogs!

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  31. kate

    Elise Joy’s blog http://eliseblaha.typepad.com/, Rachel Wilkerson http://www.thehousealwayswinsblog.com/, and Megan Gilger http://www.thefreshexchangeblog.com/ are some of my faves!

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  32. Brie

    A Beautiful Mess, Keiko Lynn, Design Sponge, designspiration.net (not really a blog but addicting to look at) & skinnytaste

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