Happy Weekend!

This weekend we’re headed to Colorado for a friend’s wedding this weekend, and my little sister’s wedding next weekend – can you say rain plan? Yikes! If any of you are Colorado brides tying the knot in the very near future, may I direct you to this post? It’s an excellent example of how far a positive attitude and a sense of humor will go when it seems like everything surrounding your wedding (and I suppose life in general) is going wrong.

Catrin Welz-Stein

Love the whimsical digital art of Catrin Welz-Stein.

Cute vintage beach engagement shoot!

I’m not saying I’m Batman

The only way to improve on circus animal cookies? Make them jumbo!

Whoa weather!

Darling gift wrap by Clap Clap Design.

Some dramatic veil inspiration from fashion week.

Who doesn’t want some clip-on animal tails?

I dream of the day I get to apply my Garden Pinterest board.

Cute little pom-pom frames.


Have a happy weekend, everyone!


  • Those jumbo circus cookies are fabulous! A great tip though too.. for something DIY and unique, making something jumbo that is out of the ordinary. Those are screaming to get crumbled up in ice cream! =)

  • Also have to agree loving those jumbo animal cookies just reminded me of those animal cracker I used so chow down on when I was younder

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