Happy Weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone – I hope to see you back here Monday with good news on the computer front!


  • that totally sucks about your computer, by the way. I know exactly how you feel. My mac (nothing against macs, but this seems to be a running theme here), conked out a while back and I learned my hard lesson. I’m not only obsessed with back up on a hard drive, I also back up the site monthly from the hosting provider. Here’s to hard lessons, technology and an unexpected excuse to take a vacay!

  • Wish you all the luck with getting good news on your computer. I hate when my computer goes down on me. I recently went without my wonderful friend, (my computer) for a week and felt so lost. Amazing how we all are connected to our computers. Have a great weekend.

  • Gwen Anderson says:

    Really missing your posts, thanks for responding to my other email so quickly. :)

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