Happy Weekend!

My honey’s parents are in town this weekend, so we’ll be doing our best to show them a good time here in Austin – which will of course involve lots of eating. It has finally cooled down to the point where we can turn off the AC and open up the doors and windows, so I hope it stays that way at least while they’re here. Any fun plans for you all this weekend? This is sort of a marathon list of links, so I hope you’ve got a little time…

by Bonnie Tsang


Meet Jack.

Loving this sweet new addition to my cookbook collection.

Giant white paper flowers.

Pretty little papers.

Illustrated pie.

Love myself a picnic wedding, part one and two.

And a DIY picnic bouquet.

How about a TOMS party, via Wishfulfillment.

Our almost-wedding venue.

The greatest pillow ever.

Leigh Wells’ inkwells! via Design*Sponge

Irresistible yellow flowers,

a fabulous yellow dress,

and sweet yellow invites.

Favorite new venue, via Always a Blogsmaid.

Marriage certificates are cool, via SeeSaw Designs.

Say yes to suspenders.

And streamers.

Go camping and get married!

Green and gray.

Somebody please buy this clutch.

And I totally forgot to share it yesterday, but don’t miss my newest color board over at The Bride’s Cafe!


  • A Lifestyle Thing says:

    what a darling streamer of a post! It had me all in suspense right down to the sweet suspenders! xo, Sharon

  • CaraBella says:

    Hey, if you're going to Moonshine for brunch on Sunday, maybe I'll see you there!! Hee, have a great weekend enjoying all the good eats Austin has to offer :)!

  • Hmmmm… sounds like someone might be having yellow in their wedding palette… ;) It's like me and teal — almost on all of my posts!

  • sarah says:

    Your wish is fulfilled…I just DID buy that clutch, oh my gosh i just had to have it.

  • baileychrist says:

    I adore those paper streamers!

    Any idea where to find them? I am pretty sure i need them for my wedding. :)

  • Styling by Coty Farquhar says:

    Dearest Kathryn,

    Thank you so very much for mentioning my huge white flowers on your post. Goodness, I,m sure I have had thousands of visitors from your blog over the weekend.

    Have a fantasic week.

    xx Coty

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