Happy Wedding Day to Lora & Grant!

Tomorrow was supposed to be my sister’s wedding day. She was getting married at The Lyons Farmette outside of Boulder, Colorado, which was sadly one of the casualties of the devastating floods there last week. So instead of tying the knot on a little farm with 120 guests and a bluegrass band and a picnic lunch, my sister and her fiancé are eloping to Napa today. Just the two of them and their photographer. She has her dress, he has his suit. They have the rings, and they have each other. And really, despite what blogs like mine might sometimes lead you to believe, that’s more than enough to marry the one you love. Congratulations Lora and Grant! Happy Wedding Day!

And happy weekend to all of you, lovely readers!

A beautiful love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area.

For hipster babies everywhere.

Getting married in Antarctica?

Buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies.

And now I need a soda maker.

Google “Scotland’s national animal.”

Beautiful prosthetics by Scott Summit, via Kelly’s Pinterest.

In love with this romantic modern dress by Lela Rose.

Flashy engagement rings are fun, but how about a lovely crystal baguette for $64 – why not?

Fun look for a fall groom.

21 habits of supremely happy people.


  • Shanley says:

    So excited for your sister. The changes in their plans made me a little teary – in the most happy way.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I’m sure it must be really disappointing to not be able to be at their wedding. Wishing them best wishes and blessings!

  • Sally-Ann says:

    Though sad, its also so romantic. Its surely more important to be with the right guy and to have a dream marriage rather than the dream wedding. If you have the right guy, no matter how or where you marry, it will be the dream wedding. May they have a wonderful wedding together, as a couple, there for each.

  • I’m sure you are really disappointed to miss the wedding – but it sounds like the perfect alternative to their cancelled plans.

    Thanks for sharing the Lela Rose dress – I love it!

  • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your sister! I hope they had a wonderful and lovely day, regardless. <3

  • jamie says:

    i’m from boulder and was married at the farmette last summer. i’m so sorry for your sister… home has been been on our minds a lot these past few weeks (my hubs + recently moved to san diego). my first thought was about the couples meant to be married at the farmette in the coming weeks… it sounds like your sister is truly making the best of it and that’s so great!

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