Happy Weekend!

Now that my honey is working crazy hours, I have a whole new appreciation for my weekends with him. Even if they don’t include much more than trying a new taco place and watching episodes of Arrested Development in our jammies. How do you like to spend your lazy weekends? Maybe browsing some of these awesome links (this list seems to get longer every week)…

Let the wild rumpus start!

Reminded of Mississippi.

I heart kraft paper, and I heart vintage clip art.

Something old, via Moodboard

and something new, via Junebug.

And borrowed and blue, too.

It’s autumn, and you know what that means: velvet pumpkins!

Confession: I love Hanky Pankies. Now I want a pair with my name on it.

In a fight of pirates versus ninjas, who’s your money on? via i am a greedy girl

A new map of Paris.

Cake stand or modern art? via Thoughtful Day

Cookies make me smile.

Red-lipped brides are gorgeous!

How cool is this chalkboard speech bubble?

Sweet porcupine love, via Innove.

My kindergarten class never did anything this cool with cardboard tubes.

Wedding budget? Who needs spreadsheets.

The shy girl’s guide to boudoir pics.

Happy weekend lovelies! And make sure you stop by on Monday when I’ll be announcing an AMAZING contest that you won’t want to miss!


  • Anonymous says:


    Have a nice weekend with your 'honey.' :)

    So glad you and Nomi enjoyed that post on a fun wedding journal.

    Martha B.

  • Ashley L. says:

    That is so sweet. My boy and I have not shared a single day off this whole summer… its rough. but at least we have evenings! Enjoy those weekends for me!

  • cartolina says:

    Thank you for linking to Cafe Cartolina – I am very appreciative :-)
    You have a beautiful blog and very good taste!

  • Kristan says:

    I'm a new fan and absolutely love your site – so many beautiful, creative ideas and wonderful links! Thank you!

    I just had to drop a note – I loved your line about spending time with your honey watching Arrested Development in your pj's. We were recently given the entire series as a gift, and it's become one of our favorite things to do on our lazy days too.

    I used to live in Austin as well (now in Seattle) – enjoy those tacos, ACL, and all the the fair city has to offer! And please keep your yummy ideas coming!

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