Happy Weekend!

The countdown to our wedding day is going faster by the minute! With wedding To Do’s, blog To Do’s, and just regular life To Do’s, it’s starting to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s wonderful and crazy-making at the same time. So, if you’re getting married before the end of the year, and feeling a little nuts, I thought I’d share these words of wisdom from an email my friend Meg wrote to me recently:

First. No new projects ’til after the wedding!
Second. You have to let some stuff go and prioritize. Write out your wedding list, cross out what you can, ask for HELP on the rest.
Third. Take a nap.
Seriously. This is a tough time, you’re in the homestretch, you have to aggressively practice self care.

My godmothers are hosting a bridal shower for me this weekend, and both of my sisters have flown in for it, which has just made my week. Not only don’t I get to see them often enough, but my older sister has a bun in the oven that’s due (get this) on our wedding day. I’d say that’s pretty much a guarantee she’ll have more important things to do that day, so I’m really glad she was able to make it for the shower (she also brought my two nephews with her, so I get to hang out with them; plus the littler one likes to brush my hair which is always okay with me).

How are you spending your weekend? How about some fun links first?

Don’t you love seeing the journey of this jewel?

13 days of Halloween.

Love this chicken‘s hairdo.

Disco ball staircase.

Drooling over the packaging on this vintage French chocolate box.

Why aren’t you wearing a dress?

Especially this dress!

These Winnie-the-Pooh stamps are the sweetest thing.

Wish this dress lived in my closet.

Calendar swap!

Is that marshmallow I see?

It’s 85-degrees here, but if it’s fall where you are (I’m jealous), some October things to do.

$9 wedding dress. That’s right, nine dollars.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


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