Happy Weekend!

Halloween is just around the corner! My mom made all of my Halloween costumes when I was a kid, and she’s generously offered (okay, I may have badgered her a little) to make Caroline’s first Halloween costume. You’d think we would have figured this out already, but we’re still trying to decide what to dress her as. Also, I’m not exactly sure where you’re supposed to take a 5 month old on Halloween…

Snippet & Ink | vintage Halloween

9 month old babies swimming laps!

PB&J shortbread bars (raspberry jam for me, please!).

A Bananagrams engagement and wedding!

Donut pumpkins and pushpin pumpkins.

Baby dreams.

The power of photography.

Sassy ceramics by Rebecca Wilson.

Art and ice cream.

Make your words look fancy with Recite This.

Gorgeous headband for your inner Greek goddess.

Have a Happy Weekend everyone!


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Elisa Bricker has a shiny new website! Congratulations to Trent BaileyEric Kelley, and Ed Peers for being named "Rising Stars" by Rangefinder magazine! Well deserved, gents! Have you seen the Found Frames offering from A Bryan Photo? Love this!


  • Helen Andrews says:

    Hi Kathryn,Ryan and Caroline, Love seeing you little duck,quack,quack,we are so happy
    that we met her this summer!!! huGs,Helen and DAVID TOO!!

    • Kathryn says:

      Loved seeing you too Helen! Hope to see you again soon – maybe on Vashon next time!

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