Happy Weekend!

Caroline has decided that getting more than three hours of sleep in a row isn’t her thing, so Ryan and I are a little sleep deprived these days… which might explain why I’ve started this sentence seventeen times, only to delete it, start over, and still end up with something bearing no resemblance to the English language. So instead of trying to string words together in a coherent way, I’m just going to get out of the way and share some awesome links…

Emma Bergqvist

Poster by Emma Bergqvist.

Happy shoes.

Party goodbyes – yes or no?

Adorable little critter embroidery kits.

Dear fork.

11 untranslatable words from other cultures.

Rosemary wreath place cards.

Pumpkin pecan scones with maple glaze.

I think Caroline needs this tutu.

Super fun clutches by Tiff Manuell, via Eat Drink Chic.



Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  • End of Daylight Savings Time – the bane of my existence as a parent. Hope she decides to start sleeping again soon!

  • courtney says:

    oh, Kathryn! It’s the worst! Birdie didn’t sleep for the first 14 months of her life. We had good success with Dana Obleman’s sleep sense program. Thinking of you. xo

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks Courtney – she was doing great until about a few weeks ago, then it was game on. Hoping things improve soon…

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