Happy Weekend!

I’m so sorry for disappearing the last couple of days – wedding errands sort of took over and I lost track of time. But it was productive! I found a veil and got ties for the boys, Ryan and I bought our wedding bands, had a gelato tasting (yes we’re serving gelato at our December wedding, because as far as I’m concerned it’s always the right season for ice cream), and finally picked the songs for our wedding ceremony. It feels like we’d be engaged forever, and now our wedding is just around the corner!

This weekend I’ll be checking some more things off the wedding to do list, but first let me leave you with some fun links. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Downtown from behind, via A Cup of Jo.

Red lips and big hair. Love. It.

30/30/30 – could you do it? via Design for Mankind

I’m already plotting how I’m going to cut my hair after the wedding. Maybe something like this?

How about golden ballerina shoes with your wedding dress?

New old frames. I want them all!

Gorgeous invites by Rosebrook Meyer, via Brooklyn Bride.

Some more pics from our engagement shoot!

Under the Tuscan sun (how awesome is the back of that dress?).

Simple little gift for your groom.

Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to hold out on buying an iPad.

Black and white and yellow will always be a favorite of mine.


Album and art piece in one.


  • I love this image but it nearly killed me when I found out it was staged!
    Nice to hear about the plans and practically feel the excitement through the interwebs.

  • where did you find your veil at? I live in the SF area, and would love any info for cheap, well made veils!

    Good choice on gelato, yum!

  • Why is it that as excited as we are to grow out our hair for the wedding, we are just as excited to plan how we are going to chop it off? Cute cut thought! I chickened out and went with just two inches off the bottom…

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