Happy Weekend!

Thanksgiving’s just a week away – I can’t believe it’s already here! Last year, the entire buffet of turkey and mashed potatoes and fixings flipped over onto the floor, so this year could only be an improvement, right? I haven’t decided what my contribution will be yet, but probably something creamy for spreading on sourdough bread… what are you making for your Thanksgiving dinner?

via Poetic Home


Thanksgiving pie topper.

Griswold family Christmas card.

Looking for some gift inspiration? Check out Gifted!

Stepping stones for bridesmaids.

Paint fight engagement session – I want to do this just for fun!

Movie wedding inspiration: Melancholia.

Oh, J.Crew. You get me every time.

Sweet Paul’s winter issue is out!

Did you know Gilt sells sweets? via simplesong

Tristan ran off and got married! Some marriage advice for the newlyweds…

Fossilized woolly mammoth ivory earrings?

Bengal kitten – I want one!

Thanksgiving with a Southwestern flair sounds delicioso!

DIY paper butterflies, via Ez’s Pinterest.

I wish the “petals” on this shower curtain were glitter.


Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


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