Happy Weekend!

Did I ever tell you that Ryan and I have been living with my mom since our move back to California? No? I think when I tell people this, their initial reaction is to try and not cringe, but truthfully, living here has been wonderful in so many ways (time to find our own place, for Ryan to find a job, for us to save some money, etc. – thank you Mom!). Anyway, I’m telling you all of this because this weekend, we’re moving into our new apartment, just in time for our wedding and the holidays – so exciting! Lady Bird (our kitty cat) isn’t quite sure what to do with herself, but I think she’ll like not having to be roommates with two dogs. So I have to ask: Did any of you move within a month of your wedding?

Delightful paintings, via Cafe Cartolina.

Fun styling for Madewell’s gift guides.

This is a perfect example of why I wish I knew how to take decent photos – capturing those wonderful everyday moments like a first hair cut.

Holiday inspiration from Sweet Paul!

Sassy retro lingerie.

Great round-up of updo inspiration.

Brooklyn Bride’s 4th Annual Holiday Card Swap.

Love Lela Rose, especially that gray checked dress.

Adding Sedona to my list of must-visit places.

This modern French manicure is perfect for the holiday season, don’t you think?

Drooling over earrings at 1stdibs, especially this, this, and this pair (those last ones would match my engagement ring perfectly!).

How sweet is this wreath of sweet peas in the bride’s hair?

A different kind of Christmas list.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And in case you’re taking off early for the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!


  • My husband and I are about to embark on the same journey (living with my parents that is!) as we move from California to Missouri, and I’m already blown away by their generosity. Glad to hear your experience was a good one. I think ours will be, too!

  • Kristin says:

    Within six weeks of our wedding, I finished grad school in Chicago, moved in with my parents in Missouri, got married, went on a honeymoon, three days later moved to Iowa, one week later started a new job. You may as well get all the big changes over with at once… leaves less to stress about for a prolonged period of time!

  • my fiance and i are also living with my parents for the time being, our wedding isn’t for 7 months but we’d like to buy a home sometime around it. it has its perks and snags :)

  • notaminx.blogspot.com says:

    Hmm, not sure the retro lingerie looks flattering on any body type.

  • I am totally enamored with the idea of listening to Christmas music on a record player. Totally makes me feel 5 and twirling in my nightgown.

    So excited for you and all your upcoming plans!

  • record player, yay! no tv, even better “). and about the move … i guess at least you won’t have all of the idle time to sit around and think TOO much about things. this might actually be a really. good. idea. best of luck!

  • Meghan says:

    My husband and I moved into a new apartment together less than a month before our wedding, combining his 4 bedroom house and my 1 bedroom apartment into a 2 bedroom apartment. Then he started a new job, competed in his second Ironman (in Canada; we live in Oregon), and the following weekend we got married and left on our honeymoon. It didn’t feel too insane until we got to Hawaii and I basically slept for 3 days :)

  • Hi,

    My hubby and I got married July 10, 2010. We moved out of our San Francisco apartment June 30, went to our respective parents’ houses in Northern VA July 1, got married the tenth, went on our honeymoon to Turkey for 2.5 weeks, then came back to his parents’ house, looked for apartments and jobs in Philadelphia for 3 weeks, got fed up and went camping in NC, and finally decided to ditch our whole plan and move to Asheville, NC, where we are now! Also, our engagement was only 4 months and it was a DIY kind of wedding, so we had a lot going on!

    My point is, you can do it! Just keep reminding yourself that it’s awesome you can afford (even if not easily with money, with youth and enthusiasm) to do these crazy things. When I got stressed about all the things to do, I tried to remind myself that this was a good problem.

    Good luck!

  • Molly says:

    My husband and I were living apart until about 2 months before our wedding, when we both moved out of our respective abodes (he was on a temporary stay with his parents, I had an apartment). In two months he finished law school, we both moved half way across the country, I started grad school, he took the bar exam and we got married.

    People will likely say you’re a bit crazy, but I agree with Kristin (above) – it’s kind of nice to have lots of changes all at once! Plus, there is something romantic about using boxes as end-tables for your first year of marriage…

  • Yep! We got married on Sept 18, left on a two-week honeymoon, and moved into our new place TWO days after getting back! It was a total whirlwind, but totally worth it. Feels so good to be home-sweet-home together after a year of wedding-planning-mayhem. Congratulations on the new place!! Enjoy being home together! :)

  • Five years ago, I moved into our new home less than a month before our wedding. Pete moved his stuff over the week of. We spent our wedding night in our house in a last-minute decision. We had to clean it – LOL – before going to bed! It was crazy, but it was the best, best thing. HOW I cried when we had to move from there!

  • My husband and I didn’t move before the wedding, but we bought an old house that definitely needed fixing up before it was livable. So we spent the months leading up to the wedding working during the days, working on the house in the evenings, nights and weekends, and doing wedding stuff whenever we had a chance. Fortunately I had a ridiculously dull job so I was able to do wedding stuff at work (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).

    Good luck, you can do it! Just remember to leave the small stuff until after the wedding. Get the big stuff done now.

  • We moved into our new apartment in Georgia a few weeks before the wedding, then drove to Arkansas for the wedding, and then the day after the wedding back to Georgia to fly to Jamaica for the honeymoon. It was a little hectic and stressed but it was so nice after the honeymoon to come back and be settled. (except the wedding gifts!) I think you’ll be happy you did it this way.

    And that’s so fun about the record-player. I hope we can come out and see you guys sometime and your new apartment!

  • awww I love your record player idea!

    I really like those paintings! Especially the one of cookbooks and the one of mugs.
    Oh my goodness. I love everything in Madewell’s gift guides!!
    Aw, I love that idea for a Christmas list!

  • Elizabeth says:

    We were scheduled to close on a house the week prior to the wedding but the bank backed out 24 hours before close. We were packed and had given our current apartment notice. That left us scrambling! My husband found an apartment, moved in on Friday, got married on Saturday, and he brought me hope to our new apartment for the first time on Sunday morning!

  • we were kind of homeless during the last month before our wedding… we were both done with university classes for the summer, gave up our vancouver apartments, and moved back in with our respective parents in victoria to finalize plans and get married there (we didn’t officially live together until after we were married). it was weird being back with my parents for the month before we took the biggest step of our life together, but it made everything so fun & festive! then after a month-long honeymoon in europe, we moved into our brand new vancouver apartment, together. it took a lot of planning & coordination, but it was so fun!

  • Corinne says:

    We bought a house 2 months before our wedding (which was last weekend!) and it was a far more time-consuming process than it should have been (stupid bank!). We also rented out our old house and I was doing 2 people’s jobs at work. We are about to head off for 5 weeks for our honeymoon. It has been crazy, but I work better like than that and I think if you need to get things done you just do! It’s all worth it in the end. Good Luck.

  • I just moved into my husband’s temporary rented place in a location which i absolutely hate! The original plan was to remain status quo, he stay where we are now, and me back with my mum. I actually made this decision a day before the wedding and I’m glad that I made this decision. Everybody was telling me that we should be living together as a married couple instead of separately. But i was more obsessed about the idea of NOT living this far away from the city and then move in together only when we get a place of our own. Guess my fairytale of getting our own pad right after the wedding couldn’t come true, still it’s being a blissful 3 weeks, no matter where I am.

  • The a week before our wedding we packed up our apartment and moved into a house we had rented for us and our wedding party (all of them were from out of town). The day after our wedding we pulled away with a Uhaul attached to our car and drove three days across country to an apartment we had rented through Craigslist. I started a new job immediately upon our arrival and my husband started a new one a month later. It’s a lot of change at once but doable. It was actually harder to move out of our old apartment right before the wedding then moving after. Thankfully our family is wonderful and chipped in with all the last minute wedding decoration etc.

    Oddly enough we are now about to move in with my parents. In February my husband is going back to school and moving back in with our parents means we can afford to do this.

  • Thebarmaiden says:

    I’m excited to see how you feel about the move after the wedding. My fiance and I are planning on moving during the five days we have between our wedding and our honeymoon – it should be interesting!!!

  • We just moved in with my boyfriends parents while we are re-taking the bar. It’s not ideal but it’s so much better than paying the high LA rent and digging into our savings! It’s nice to have a home to come back too!

  • Eliz says:

    You can do it! It might be overwhelming and stressful and you will probably think “oh gosh, WHY did I get myself into this right before the wedding?!?” but you’ll look back and realize that you made it through just fine, albeit a little more tired than usual.

    I started in a new role at my job 4 days before I got married (all the while still working on my old role – so, 2 jobs at once!) and overseeing a HUGE project at work during that time, got married on a Saturday (with a very DIY wedding in my parents garden), closed on our house the Monday after (2 days later), moved that following Saturday (7 days after the wedding), and then left for a 2 week trip for work 9 days after the wedding.

    It was exhausting and exactly the opposite of how I usually like to work. But, it all worked out in the end! We have a beautiful house now, I love my current job, and I love my husband even more. We’ll get to take our honeymoon in a month and it will be all the sweeter because we’re not in the thick of all the craziness and will be able to savor every minute together.

    So, good luck!

  • Moving + wedding time = totally normal. We moved my husband out of his place week of wedding (and his dad finished the heavy lifting w/a family friend while we were gone on our honeymoon, for which we are forever grateful). Came back mid-May to my 1bdrm., and two weeks later, found a new apt., and moved. And it was so fun. A little crazy. But so worth the wait and chaos. Congratulations on all the fun ahead!

  • Barb says:

    Hey Kas, looking forward to seeing you this weekend. As you may know, we had to move into my in-laws within a month of the wedding celebration. For many of the same reasons. The place we were in was being moved into by the owner of the house so we had to find alternate arrangements. There hasn’t been much in the market for us to choose from as we don’t want to live at the top of our expense limit. We are still debating on renting or buying, with the market so low it is tempting, but Cali is in a downward spiral so we are waiting things out a bit. The piece of advice I have for newlyweds that may have to move in with the parents/in-laws, make sure you have an understanding of rules, any rent paid, and space you will have. All of our stuff is in storage, we were supposed to have access to another bedroom as a “living area” but that got changed, so we are crammed into his old bedroom with the TV up on blocks so to speak. But we have been able to do some home improvement projects around the house and help out with things, and with Christmas coming up that will be good for my MIL. Make boundaries and make time for eachother and you should be fine! Times are changing and more and more this is happening.

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