Happy Weekend!

What a fun week! I got to meet up with all the awesome folks at the A Bryan Photo workshop in Birmingham (my talk went well – thank you to everyone for the well wishes), and then last night I got to hang out with Leila from Be Inspired since she’s in town for a couple of days – it’s so fun for me to actually spend time with real people, since so much of my day involves working solo from my computer. No big plans for the weekend, but it’s always nice to spend time with my honey. I’m still not back to reading very many blogs, but here are a few links that I just had to share with you.

Scratch-n-Sniff holiday cards.

Digging this funky band – and they play parties!

If my honey is reading this and feels like taking me on a romantic getaway, here’s a hint.

Delightful letterpress especially for love letters, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Oh my – those shoes.

My parents were awesome, via A Cup of Jo.

Mmmm…. these cookies are definitely on my holiday baking list.

Advent calendars make me smile.

Not really a hat person, but maybe I could be.

I’d love to get one of these Thanksgiving invites in the mail.

Happy weekend lovelies! I have a real wedding for you tomorrow, and a few posts next week before signing off for the holiday.


  • Kara Hall says:

    This list definitely entices me to look forward to the holiday season, as well as the celebration of family.

    Such great ideas pop up during this time of the year that really helps to motivate you to think of uniue ways to decorate, and be artistic/crafty. I am loving the creative appeal of the scratch and sniff holiday cards, along with the Thanksgiving invites! What a wonderful and exciting way to spead holiday cheer, and bring a smile on the face of others.

  • MartyEJennings says:

    I couldn't said it any better and this will be a perfect romantic weekends.

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