Somehow this week just flew by – it never seems to me like there’s enough time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, I guess all there is to do about it is to slow down with things like cocoa and cookies in between all of the rushing around. Oh, and how about a chocolate tasting? That’s what my honey and I are doing this evening at one of my favorite little shops here in Austin, and it sounds like just my kind of night. How about you? How are you taking time to savor the holiday season? Hmmm…. savor…. I think that’s my new word.

{by Little Brown Pen}

Inspired by Chelsea’s holiday tables.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Wonderfully bold wrapping paper.

This song now playing on repeat, thanks to this guy.

Say yes to suspenders, via Once Wed.

What a nice way to think about gifts.

No tree for us this year, but hopefully next year we can rent one.

I’d like some of these vanilla roasted pears with ice cream please.

Cupcake ruffles.

Wedding in 73 seconds, via A Practical Wedding.

Records on ice. Well, made of ice – absolutely fascinating!

Give the gift of root beer.

Modest Peach sent me a bracelet, and it’s named after me! I’m blushing…

Have a happy weekend lovelies!

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  1. Anonymous

    I never comment, but that christmas tree idea is AMAZING!!

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  2. chelsea

    Aw.. thanks for the link, Kathryn! Have fun chocolate tasting + have a fantastic weekend!

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  3. Lauren

    This is my first comment, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! I hate my job and going to snippet and ink during my day makes me smile when I want to pull all my hair out and shoot laser beams out my eyes. I look forward to your posts and pics and lovely ideas. Thank you for making my day, everyday. :)Loyal reader,Lauren

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  4. Sidney

    Chocolate tasting…I'm super jealous!! Have fun!

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  5. caroline duke

    thank you for the link love, love!

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