Happy Weekend!

Today is a big day… my trip to the post office to mail out all of my Christmas goodies. It’s right around this time that I realize I should have started this whole process six weeks earlier, just to avoid the goat rodeo that is the post office the week before Christmas. So wish me luck with that. Also, don’t forget to check back later today when I’ll announce the winner of the Ban.do holiday giveaway! But until then, here are some delightful links from around the web this week…

A very talented woman‘s beautiful winter wedding.

For Christmas, I’d like this home. Or this one. Thank you.

Winter citrus. Pretty and delicious.

Amazing Brooklyn Bridge engagement pics, via Brooklyn Bride.

Gingerbread houses galore, via Delphine Ephemera.

Itsy bitsy little chapel.

Itsy bitsy little puppies!

Sure do love a sassy groom.

Burnt caramel sauce is my favorite. Ice cream optional.

Darling wedding with a travel theme.

Cross-stitch badges, via {frolic!}.

Optimistic maps.

Looking for some last minute gifts? Check out some of my suggestions over at So Chic.

Happy happy weekend!


  • Miss B says:

    This photo is how I feel–FRIDAY! It's been a loooong week at the office. Thank you!

  • Michelle says:

    Lets have a round of applause for Goad Rodeos, they are so underrated…don't you think? The poo, the head butting, the noise, the lines of angry goats, and rude goat herders…it is such a joyous part of the season! HA!!! Good luck lady, may the spice be with you.

  • Giovanna says:

    Loved your post at So Chic, Kathryn, and I'm totally with you about writing more letters. Growing up, I'd eagerly await letters from my cousin in Italy every few weeks. Now that we're all grown up and both have Facebook pages, we hardly even email. I miss the intimacy of a handwritten letter. Thanks.

  • Carol @ Carol Lundeen Photography, Boston says:

    Love this shot, she's so full of delight that it's lifted her off her feet!

  • mysi of soda fountain photography says:

    Holy cow. The brooklyn Bridge photos just made my skin feel crazy and happy. Inspiration for me, definitely. I am floored by SimplyBloom's entire portfolio. thank you for showing me them. I found new role models :)

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