Happy Weekend!

Yesterday I had lunch with the world’s cutest baby and her awesome momma Kara, and tried a crepe cake for the first time. Um, where have you been all my life? Have any of you made one before? I need to recreate this deliciousness in my own kitchen. I also stopped over at CocoaBella to kick off my goal of trying every chocolate they sell. I know other people make goals that involve exercising more or eating fewer sweets but I like my challenge better. I’ll let you know how that goes…

Lots and lots of links for you today!

365 Days of Pinterest project.

New York Times art.

You smell like a lemon!

Beautiful new collection (and new boxes!) from Twigs & Honey.

Love some fancy chickens.

I wish I had a reason to wear shoes like this (oh, Oscar!).

With my Marchesa gown.

St. Germain truffles to go with your St. Germain cocktail.

Cheerful commercial: color changes everything.

Fab fonts from Magpie Paperworks.

The Venus Project – reminding us that curves are beautiful.

Win $500 from Minted!

Chocolate Appreciation Society.

We all need more flowers in our lives, don’t you think?

Talking pictures. Love these!

Backpack roundup.

Bridal fashion according to the New York Times.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of The Luminous Portrait yet?

Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


Update! And the winner of the tickets to Airplanes + Blazers TWO is… Ramona who said, “Bridgette Bardot, absolutely gorgeous!!!”


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  • I love that picture as well. Oscar de la Renta is such a genius, isn’t he? I love flowers, I wish I had a big wonderful garden!

  • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!
    I heard so much about Airplanes + Blazers and can’t wait to come and PARTY! Wooohoooo!!!

  • Brett and I made a crepe cake for a friend in grad school but making all the crepes took SO LONG that i vowed to never do it again. it was pretty delicious, though. also, brett pretended to be a little jealous that i spent so much time on a birthday cake for a “friend boy” ;)

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