My honey doesn’t have to work today, and I think we’re going to look at puppies! I’m not sure if we’ll come home with one just yet, but we’ve been talking about getting a dog for the longest time. I really want a French bulldog (have you seen my cuteness pins lately?), but I’m not sure that’s in the stars for us, so we figured it would be a good idea to start by visiting some local shelters. I’ll keep you posted!

Luna via Desire to Inspire


If the crown fits, via Duet Letterpress.

I want this clutch in dots and stripes, via The Daily Spark.

This lipstick duo is just perfect.

Love this ribbon-tied bedding.

How happy is this yellow flower wedding invitation!

Magical thread installations, via papertastebuds.

Crepes are my fave, too.

Magnetic wallpaper are you serious?! via decor8

Easter in a box for grown ups and for kids.

Deviled eggs four ways.

MUD Australia’s pebble bowls want to come home with me.

Oh beautiful Grace.


Have a happy weekend, lovelies!

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  1. Beth

    Oh what a great day to spend the day. It might take a while, but I’m sure you’ll find the perfect dog for you!

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  2. Kim

    the shelter is the best place to get a new puppy! all they need is a good bath and some love and they are golden.

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  3. Jillian Nicole

    So sweet! Hope you find a snuggly pup to bring home!:)

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  4. Shannon C.

    I love shelter dogs- They’re all we’ve ever had and every single one has been so loving and amazeballs. I hope you find one that’s right for your family!

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  5. Natalie

    Please consider a shelter or rescue dog! There are rescues out there for all breeds :)

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  6. sarah k

    Shelter dogs are the only way to go. It’s like they know you rescued them and they are always grateful. Our rescue hound is the sweetest thing ever, and pretty darn handsome!

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  7. SARAH {lil HOOT}

    worship frenchies. obvs. please let me know if you have any questions about them – as a completely biased frenchie owner i’ll let you in on a teeny not so secret secret. they are the BEST. dogs. evah.

    i’d take all these cuties under my wing if i could.

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  8. jordan

    I have a white frenchie named Frank!! He is a darling, handsome 2 year old. I would suggest you do your homework and make sure to find a breeder that has healthy dogs. Frenchies have the craziest health problems!! Good luck!!!

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  9. Koru Kate {Koru Wedding}

    I have to agree with many of the posters above- shelter & rescue dogs are the BEST! Our rescue beagle/basset hound is the cutest, sweetest pup!! Good luck!

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  10. Kristen

    I recommend Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Super cute, affectionate, not bark-y, and handle air travel well.

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  11. Lauren

    What a fun day! It feels like such a commitment to get a pup (and it is!), but it is so so worth it. Nothing beats coming home to my puppy! Hope you find one!

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  12. Lisa

    Awwww, so fun! Good luck on your puppy search! :)

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  13. Olivia

    I’m so glad you decided to go with a shelter puppy!

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  14. Melissa Dunstan Photography

    Shelter dogs are the BEST! I hope you find the perfect fit for you family!

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  15. Donna

    my fiance and I just got a Frenchie puppy last week and although she is a handful, I super lover her! good luck on your search :)

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  16. Chelsea

    Yay shelter! Puppies are terrorists though, adult dog adoptions are so much easier.

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  17. CN

    Another awesome (and fun!) place to look is Put in your zip, plus the breed you’re interested, and all local rescue/shelter dog matches will come up!

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  18. SHHH MY DARLING stationery

    Check out our WE SMELL THE SAME!

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  19. Emma Harvey

    Good luck finding the perfect pooch :)

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