Happy Weekend!

My honey is away for the weekend, so I’m going to have some fun time with just me and my momma! We’re thinking of going to the Gaultier exhibit at the De Young – have any of my Bay Area readers checked it out? I’ve heard great things, and I love visiting museums with my mom! What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

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Love these photos of small town America.

Fruit pie in candy bar form.

Gorgeous patterns from Moniquilla via Note to Self.

I don’t have kids yet, but¬†Olive Us¬†makes me so happy!

Loving the layers of this wedding invitation, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Do you suffer from FOBJ?

Get in the mood for summer with a stay at home yacht club.

This little rope clutch looks like the perfect summer accessory.

Matchbook landscapes via Paper Crave.

Simple, affordable jewelry via A Cup of Jo.

Backyard weddings warm my heart.

City Hall wedding for you? Here are 20 dresses under $200.

Sky-high updos.

Congratulations to Darci on the new With This Ring design!


Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


  • I went to the Gaultier exhibit with my mom a few weekends ago and loved it! It was so glamorous and a perfect mom-date — you should totally go!

  • Anne says:

    Hey, I kind of resent the idea that all city hall weddings are there because the couple has no money. We got married at City Hall last year because it was the prefect spot for us. No shame in city hall!

    • KATHRYN says:

      Hi Anne!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I totally get your point – I think that City Hall weddings are absolutely wonderful completely separate from budget concerns (I had a civil ceremony at City Hall the day before my church wedding, and the choice had nothing to do with budget).

      That said, a City Hall wedding can also be a great money saver, which is why they’re so often paired with budget-friendly tips. Personally, I don’t believe that “budget-friendly” implies not-as-good, so I certainly agree with you – no shame in City Hall whatsoever!


  • Jaybee says:

    Saw the Gaultier show twice and you will love it. It is an over the top show of fantasy fashion, photography, video and crazy animated talking mannequins that wink, heckle, flirt and sing. Ok, i will admit that i worked on it so I’m a little biases, but I think it’s the best fashion show the de Young has done yet and that comes after incredible shows of Westwood, Yves St Laurent and Balenciaga haute couture.

    My favorite piece is a crocodile corset in the Madonna section. It is unreal.


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