Happy Weekend!

We got a puppy! And her name is Noodle! She’ll be in our home as a foster puppy for the first month, and then we can decide to adopt her for good. She had a rough beginning in life, but things are looking up for Miss Noodle. Hopefully our kitty Lady Bird will get used to her soon! So that’s what we’re doing this weekend – learning how to be puppy parents. What about you, what are you up to for Memorial Day?

(This photo isn’t Noodle – I haven’t had a chance to get a good photo of her in an outfit yet. Promise to post as soon as I do!)

by Emily Steffen via Wedding Chicks


Rustic pie and tart tin stand.

I’m such a sucker for chocolate in pretty paper.

A whole suite of budget-friendly wedding dresses from Tadashi Shoji.

Going to see my friend Emily Mughannam at the Decorator’s Showcase this weekend.

Homemade Snickers bars.

Herb garden in a box.

Another wedding cheese cake!

2×4’s never looked so good, via Kelly’s Pinterest.

Adore this little Herringbone pouch via Sacramento Street.

Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios, via Capree’s Pinterest.

If you loved Karen and Richard’s wedding, check out Karen’s own blog posts about the day.

Congrats to the Wedding Chicks on the new look!


Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


  • CN says:

    Bless your heart for rescuing a pooch! I am COUNTING down the days until I will join big-hearted folk like yourself. Good luck with her. Puppies (as I am sure everybody has told you) are like babies. SO much work. But they are so darn cute they make up for it!

  • What kind of dog is Noodle? It’s going to be fun, having a puppy! Congrats!

    I smell craft beers and food for this weekend! Hope you have a great one yourself!

  • Congrats on the puppy! It is hard at first, we got our rescue puppy “Frank” three years ago, and he is still a joy every day. Have a great weekend!

  • Congratulations on your puppy! And good for you for fostering. I keep thinking about it, but I don’t think I’d ever be able to say good-bye and then I’d end up with 20 dogs ;) Have a great weekend with your Noodle!

  • Congratulations on the newest addition to the family!!! I remember when we adopted our second dog, Jake. We had a 14-day “probation period” … after 4 hours with him, we called the rescue and told them that we were going to keep him. It’s been 8 years.

    As for this weekend, I’ll be photographing two barn weddings in Vermont (officially starting this year’s wedding season) and then some yard work and BBQ on Monday.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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