Happy Weekend!

I spent way too much time procrastinating this week by looking at real estate websites – we’re not planning on buying a house in the very near future, so it’s really just dreaming, but I can’t help but imagine how my “Decorate” Pinterest board would come to life in these houses! I love our little apartment right now, but some day I hope we can have a sweet old farmhouse with a front porch and oak trees (I have a Pinterest board for that, too). What are your house fantasies (I’m sure I’m not the only one!)?

A family friend shot this beautiful time-lapse video of the night sky, and it seemed to fit with this week’s inspiration board.

Speaking of house fantasies, how about this modern farmhouse?

Or how about this “Cape Dutch” style home?

Have you tried Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter? I wish it didn’t come in a plastic jar, but it has replaced Nutella in my life.

Dreaming of Tuscany with these wedding photos.

These vintage-style social networking posters are pretty clever.

Diamond slice earrings? Wow, via Mrs. French’s Pinterest.

White peach cooler sounds like a yummy summer sip.

How do a graphic designer and a musician do wedding invites? Just like this.

Planetary chocolate bon bons.

Congratulations to the lovely Jen Huang!


Have a happy weekend everyone!


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