Happy Weekend!

This weekend I’m in San Diego again visiting my sister and her boys, and our other sister is home from France for the week before starting her internship at a delightful patisserie in Paris – does it possibly get any better than giggling with your sisters and eating homemade croissants filled with passion fruit pastry cream, or playing on the beach with your nephews?

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And of course I have some links for you before taking of for the weekend…

These look like the perfect ballet flat – anyone tried a pair to confirm this hypothesis? via Maggie

Cute personalized rubber stamps from Paper Pastries.

Name-your-price wedding photography experiment. Curious to see how it goes…

So many fabulous details in Annie and Oliver’s wedding.

An art project blending the faces of classic icons with contemporary celebrities, via Ez.

Congrats to Oh So Beautiful Paper on the new and improved invitation designer rolodex – what an awesome resource!

Dear husband, If you ever need a gift idea, consider Diamonds by the Yard. Love, your wife.

Wedding dress with a hint of pink.

Dipped legs – this looks like my kind of DIY.

The loveliest family tree I’ve ever seen, via Eat Drink Chic.


PS – If you’re in Southern California, did you experience a major power outage yesterday? How did you handle it? We lit candles and grilled hot dogs. (I’m thankful that my sister has a battery back-up for her modem, so I could finish up this post for you!)


  • Um, no. I am fairly certain it does not get any better than that. Can I come to your sister’s house for the weekend?

  • Martha says:

    I have three pairs of J.Crew ballet flats. While I haven’t tried that particular style, the three I have are some of the most comfortable and well-made shoes I own.

  • I LOVE j. crew, but the classic ballet flats were not a favorite. super skinny and the leather is so thin you can see your toe shapes, which I hate, if that makes sense! Overall, tons of other, better ballets, sadly :(

  • Erica says:

    Beautiful post!
    On a related note, if you don’t mind me asking, how did your sister obtain an internship in a Parisian patisserie? I have been looking for such an opportunity, to no avail. Thanks!

  • That does sound like the perfect weekend. I get to see my little sister next weekend and can’t wait!
    I have a pair of J.Crew ballet flats and they are wonderful. The fit is true to size and they have a nice amount of padding in the foot bed. The leather is so soft as well.

  • melany says:

    those jcrew flats are so uncomfortable. their flats with the rubber sole that arch upwards when they are flat on the shelf are their most comfortable ones.

  • I always love your posts! Have fun in San Diego this weekend :) I’m jealous you were able to still work on your computer during the power outage… Aren’t we glad that’s over with!

  • madeleine says:

    jcrew flats fell apart in 3 months!!!!! so sad because i love the look! still looking for the perfect pair.

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