Oh my gosh you guys – I can’t believe we haven’t had a weekend link round-up in three weeks! I’ve been saving up links this whole time, but they’re some really good ones, so I hope you’ll forgive the super long list this week. Enjoy!

How incredible is this wall art by Olefir Design?

Or this moss graffiti?

A tale of two rings.

Hilarious (surrealist) eyeglass, via Automatism.

Yummy posters via Design Crush.

Jacques Genin might be my favorite Paris patisserie.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, for the little monsters in your life, via Creature Comforts.

How about a paintball bachelorette party?

Halloween count-down calendar – what a fun idea!

Fancy dancy light bulbs, via Eat Drink Chic.

Looking for a totally unique wedding gift? How about a custom painted kitchen mixers?

Equestrian bride and groom from Carrie Patterson.

Oh, Oscar!

Penny for your thoughts?

I love this Smythson wallet (and if I bought it I wouldn’t have any money left to keep in it).

Have you seen the new Cup of Jo? How about the new Camille Styles? Love ’em!

Salted Bourbon Caramel… mmmm…

Reversible wrapping paper, via Wantist.

Have you ever wondered what happens to unsold stamps?

Cheat sheet for how much food and drink to serve at your next party.

Congratulations to the Lady Grey!

And to Uncle Beefy!

Have you entered our Great Big Giveaway contest yet?!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Shannon Leahy

    LOVE that wall art!!!

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  2. Yelle

    That salted bourbon caramel just might make it into my yearly to-do for this time of year! It sounds absolutely delicious.

    / Reply
  3. Camille Styles

    Thanks for the sweet links m’dear… I’ve been meaning to say how much I love YOUR new look. Gorgeous and timeless, just like you! xo

    / Reply
  4. Heather – Chickabug

    Thank you for linking to my blog post, I’m very honored! : )

    / Reply
  5. Uncle Beefy

    Thanks as always for the loveliness and cheer, Kathryn! xo UB :)

    / Reply
  6. Lauren Brady

    This might be my favorite weekend links yet!!!! I am dying over the crystal light bulbs, penny art and Oscar…. Oh Oscar!

    / Reply
  7. Dianne Que

    thanks for linking to our ring story! love the new look. :)

    / Reply
  8. chandra ~ oh lovely day

    great links for sure! and how about your new look!? love it. xx

    / Reply

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