Happy Weekend! | Lunchtime Link Round-Up

Sometimes you just need a break from wedding planning, and by Friday everyone is ready for a break anyway! So each week, we send you into the weekend with some of our favorite finds from around the web, from pretty products to tutorials to interesting articles, and whatever else strikes our fancy. We hope you enjoy, and of course have a happy, happy weekend!

Schin Loong, Annoy a Postman

Schin Loong’s Annoy a Postman series is fantastic! Impressed both with her skills and with the postal service!

Champagne rhubarb jelly shots – bridal shower maybe?

Smeg makes mini fridges!

Crepe paper flower garland backdrop DIY.

How to host a color fight.

Frozen coconut limeade, yes please!

Field notes on the future of food.

The most fascinating story I’ve read lately.

When’s the last time you made a friendship bracelet?

Breakfast popsicles – brilliant!


Come across any gems lately? Share your finds in the comments, and have a lovely weekend!

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