Have A Happy Weekend!

My adventure to Nevada City this past week(end) was so amazing on so many levels. If you’ve never been there, GO, it’s worth it! We enjoyed a day at the mighty Yuba River, hanging out in the charming and historic downtown, and lots of other not-suited-for-the-blog empowering fun. Girls weekends are the best kind and I’m so grateful I have a strong group of like-minded women in my corner. We’re already talking about our next trip, so I’d love to know, what does your perfect girls weekend look like?

miniature wedding cake, sculpted cake, miniature version of kate middleton wedding cake

These miniature cakes are incredible, but would be way more fun if I could eat them!

How do you have a meaningful wedding?

Paper flower lily of the valley? Yes, please!

When I travel, I always try and find a meaningful item to remember the trip by. So here’s what I bought this week and I’m in love!

Who doesn’t love a little sprinkles?

These Easter bunny snowballs are adorable.

Bachelorette party favor ideas? Might be fun!

We played this in Nevada City and some tears were shed (in a good, omg-I-cant-believe-its-so-spot-on kind of way), so save this as an awesome gift idea, or perfect girls weekend playtime. (It’s worth it if you get the book along with it, and if they’re sold out, try here. ).

The Big Little Lies soundtrack is worth talking about (and listening to!).

A little bit Almost Famous, a little bit Coachella?

Weekend reading.


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