Have a Happy Weekend!

This weekend I’m headed to Durango for a family reunion and the forecast calls for some PM thunderstorms (yay monsoon season!) and I’m really excited about it. It reminds me of watching thunderstorms on my great-grandmother’s porch in Missouri. Saying this out loud makes me think that it must be a funny thing to look forward to for all our non-Californian readers. So what are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? xo

Did Amelia Earhart survive?!

Fear is boring.

I popped into Bloomy’s yesterday and found a few of these for our guest room. Why am I nesting so much?!

It’s like a baking tip only my grandmother would know.

An interesting true crime story if you’re into a long read today.

Looking forward to some upcoming beach days.

Something fun to do with your beau.

A worthwhile read: How stress makes you physically sick.

This is a great idea!

Real life Wes Anderson scenes.

Modern day ‘BFF necklaces‘.

The smell alone is obsessive.

Always worth another read.

This might be the perfect bridal shower dress!

And finally, don’t miss our favorite boozy popsicles, and these thoughtful wedding vows!


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