Have a Lovely Weekend

This weekend is our 6th wedding anniversary, so we’re continuing with a couple of traditions that my hubby and I always look forward to! First, we love to participate in the traditional anniversary gift giving, but after a disappointing cotton gift (my hubby bought me a moo moo, bless his heart), we decided that the gifting is much more meaningful and memorable if it’s something we both will love and use. So this year is iron, and we’re getting a cast iron skillet! It’s so silly to be so excited about it, but Sunday we’ll be heading to Williams-Sonoma to pick one out together. (Last year we bought a bread maker for “appliance”). Then it’s off to our favorite Italian restaurant Trabocco, which will be our 3rd year straight going! // On a more pressing note, with wildfires burning in the PNW, and Irma looming, and the after effects of Harvey, it’s hard not to be glued to the news, or Facebook to make sure loved ones are safe.  So we hope you hold your families tight and stay safe sweet readers! xo

Can’t say goodbye to Summer without wearing this!

For all you peanut butter lovers.

When food and fashion collide.

These DIY frosé pouches are so cute! Fun idea for a bridal shower.

This would have been a much better alternative to a moo moo…

My kind of honeymoon accessory.

A DIY daisy hat and I think it would be cute with real flowers, too!

Hard to believe all these floats are made of flowers.

Dogs underneath.

I love this project, The Ring Chronicles.

Cat person?


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