Have An Amazing Weekend!

I am a bit excited to be heading to Europe on Sunday—thank you so much for your suggestions on where to go and what to eat! I’ve never been a ‘backpacker’ (and this hardly is one), but I figured I should try out not bringing a whole lot. We’ll see how successful I am with it. You can follow me over on my insta stories for my crazy wild ride! And, while we’re talking about it, some people have asked me where I got such cheap plane tickets: A few months ago a stumbled on Scotts Cheap Flights, and have been hooked on finding the best deals since. Anyway, we’ve got some gorgeous weddings lined up for you next week, and our fab team here will take care of our weekend round ups while I’m away.  For now, enjoy all these fun links, and wish me luck? XO

Why it’s so hard to make friends later in life (via Camille Styles).

I always dreamed of having a painting like this.

A fascinating story about how Lilly Pulitzer came to be.

In high school I always wanted to be a flight attendant. This might satisfy that old dream!

A good read on ‘finding your passion(p.s. it’s not what you think!)

Something pretty.

Can a spin class help you learn a new language?

The color alone makes me want these really bad.

Recipes to look like famous movies.

This is the coolest new wedding idea I’ve seen all year!

Rehearsal dinner dress?

Bookmark this.

My new favorite product (it works miracles!).

Black Sheep Club.


Photo pictured above by Kristina Makeeva via My Modern Met. This post contains affiliate links. 

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