Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Happy Friday! This year is going by so quick and sometimes I just want to stop the clock. I’ve got some crazy travel plans coming up (San Diego > Boston > Italy > Colorado) that I am looking forward to, but the mounds of work that needs to get done before hand is overwhelming. Do you have any good tricks for pummeling through long lists of to-dos? Because I easily get distracted by pretty things… Have a happy weekend! xo


This art installation by Federico Picci is enchanting. Via This is Glamorous. 

50 ways to celebrate the South. (I’m all about no.8, no.34, no.36 and no.40.)

My kind of retreat.

I’m glad being popular has lost it’s cool, but….

A feel good story about one husband’s tribute to his wife of 59 years. (Save for later if you don’t have time now!) 

History of a wedding cake.

Save this for a Summer party!

A digital detox that really works?!

One of my girlfriends had this on and it smelled lovely! Adding it to my birthday wish list.

Save room for dessert.

This dotted gown would be perfect for a midsummer’s night wedding.

The pen is mightier than the sword.


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