Have a Happy Weekend!

I’m heading to Durango, Colorado in a few weeks for a family reunion and I have been appointed by my mama and grandma to be the “organizer” of events! There’s 50 of us coming from all over (funny, no one in my family lives in Colorado, but it seems to be a good middle point), and let me tell you, I’m praising all you brides out there who plan their own weddings. It’s tough work! In any case, my week has been spent looking at all the fun activities we get to do, and now I’m getting excited! What about you? Any fun upcoming travel plans?  xo

Adding this book to my wish list!

There’s something so lovely about this stationery suite.

Last minute Father’s Day gift?

I really need a garden in my kitchen!

Giant live painting.

Cheeky messages in a bottle.

I love horchata, and as a lollipop, sign me up.

Congrats Maybelle on your font debut!

Ultimate guide to edible flowers (especially if you love using them in your favorite cocktails!)

The perfect Summer accessory.

You don’t want to miss these his and her wedding vows.



Above photo by Collin Erie. This post contains affiliate links. 


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