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Do you remember a couple of months ago when I bought a solo ticket to Amsterdam? Well, that trip is creeping up here pretty quick and I’ve made zero plans! Originally I was thinking Amsterdam and Belgium, but now I’m thinking maybe I should visit Prague… and then maybe Germany! So many decisions. If you had a solo trip to Europe, where would you go?! Help, please! (And have a super fabulous weekend!) XO.

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  • How long are you going for? There’s plenty to keep you busy in Amsterdam for a few days (museums! canal walks! eating apple cake in cafes! flea market shopping! giant savory pancakes!). The train system in the Netherlands is fantastic, so it’s easy to get around the country and visit cute little Dutch towns (Delft is a good one, Gouda another; there’s lots to see) The Netherlands is charming and there’s a ton of history and the people are friendly – I’d definitely recommend spending some time there.

    When I was there, I took a train to Cologne, Germany, which is great for wandering. I’ve heard good things about Bruges, but haven’t been. I was underwhelmed by Brussels.

    Happy traveling!

  • nancy nimmo says:

    I agree with the above…Amsterdam is lovely and full of interest.
    add Anne Frank house.
    The Palace is underrated. The marble foyers, and facades are Bernini quality and mind bending.
    The museums are gorgeous-
    Plus there is a wonder of a museum museum Mauritshuis at The Hague..easy rail ride in a long morning to lunchtime.
    incredible collection of Verneers. the museum so good the Duchess of Cambridge went solo to see it.
    And I LOVE Brugge and Ghent….. in Belgium….
    that said….
    I do think settling into a hotel and sallying forth is a great thing.
    One feels at home in the hotel rather quickly. The welcome back is always warm and kind.
    And the next days solo adventures are somehow more doable.
    Bon Voyage…enjoy.
    These folks are warm and lovely

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