Hello Again!

Hi lovelies! I’m back from my retreat, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was to have an entire week without any internet or cell phones. I highly recommend it to everyone.

In addition to just saying, “Hi, I’m back!” I also wanted to check in with all of you. The personal voice of this blog seems to have gone missing in the past several months, and now that I’ve had some time away, I feel like I’m in a good place to do some sharing about what has been going on over on this side of Snippet & Ink. Though I’ve debated whether or not to “go there” on this blog, I’ve found that keeping things open and honest is always a better option than closing things off, so here we go.

{by Kari Herer}

For some time now, I have been struggling with depression, and only in the last couple of months have I started to actively address it. My honey and I have decided to put wedding plans on hold for the time being, while I make this a priority. Things with us are good, and I’m still wearing my engagement ring – it’s just going to be a longer engagement than we had originally planned.

Another part of my life that has been affected is this blog. Growing pains are a natural part of the readership growth and changing blog world that Snippet & Ink has seen in the last two years, and whenever a creative hobby becomes a business, the dynamics of it change. But more than that, so much of the joy I took in blogging went away, my creativity has felt sapped, and I’ve lost focus on what I love about this blog.

All of this is to say that, while things here on Snippet & Ink may be a bit bumpy for awhile, there are some great things and exciting changes in store in the next year. I am working on re-focusing and bringing back the joy and creativity that make this blog such a fun place for me – and I hope for you. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the incredible readers that I have, the wonderful comments that you leave, and the kind words that you send in emails. My hope is that, through it all, Snippet & Ink continues to be a source of daily inspiration for you.


  • Nicole says:

    You are amazing! Stay strong and thank you for your honesty. Plus, long engagements are the way to go! You can actually enjoy being engaged without the whole time being taken up with planning!

  • Shana says:

    I deal with depression too, Kathryn, so if you ever need to chat, please don't hesitate to email me at shana@wilstar.com. I have been following your blog for a year now, and it fills me with so much joy and inspiration. YOU do that for so many people! THANK YOU! I look forward to all your new ideas!

  • Thank you for being so honest and open. It's funny to me that we live in an age where it feels like there's no such thing as privacy anymore, yet depression is still a taboo subject. I love your blog, but I totally support your decision to focus on your own happiness. (After all, shouldn't we all be focused on our own happiness?)

  • Kirby says:

    you're honesty is one of the main reasons I love your blog! Snippet and Ink has been a huge inspiration to me with my career and my own blog. You have a huge support system out here whenever you need us. Stay strong and do whatever makes YOU happy and healthy!

  • Carolyn says:

    Best wishes for good health! Please always put your health first. You have a wonderful blog. In fact, I am using your Marigold and Espresso board for my November wedding next year — thank you!

    Also, my sister, husband, mother-in-law, and I all suffer from diagnosed mental health issues. It's a struggle everyday but stick to your treatment plan, be patient, and you will start to feel much better soon.

  • starkravinglaurel says:

    Unfortunately, depression is often something that we creative types struggle with. I've been there and all I can say is take a deep breath, and feel out each moment as it comes. Try to listen to your body and your heart and do what you feel is best for you, seek out what you need to feel at peace, re-energized, re-inspired.

    Wedding immediately pending or not, it is a gift to find the person you want to share your life with–and that means the good times as well as the "bumpier" ones. All my prayers to you and that supportive man by your side! May you both enjoy the gift of having each other, and feeling out this crazy life together.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good for you in being honest! You are not alone in your battle with your depression. I've been there too! And it was a battle back. If more people like you were honest about this matter, it wouldn't be a dark and naughty secret. There is NO shame in what you're going through. The only shame is not taking care of it while you can.

    Best wishes to you and I love your blog! It has given me so much inspiration for my wedding as well as other events!

  • Kate Holt says:

    HI Kathryn…you have a lot of us out here who support you in this "virtual" world – which is strange. BUT we are real people who really care. So I say follow your bliss and do what's best for you. Sometimes time to reflect and be with family is the best medicine ever. Be well. I'll be checking in regularly as always!!! xoxoxokate

  • shanna murray says:

    cheering you on! looking forward to all then new year has in store. it's always a wonderful feeling when a voice that has felt lost is found again. such a good thing to take some time for yourself unplugged from the world.

    thanks for so much inspiration, Kathryn!

  • Kristen says:

    Bravo for taking a step back and refocusing. Best wishes…and we'll stay tuned!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi there,
    I have been visiting your blog for quite some time. I had a broken engagement last year, but still come back every now and then because my sister is engaged and I am helping her with her planning!

    But anyhow, I am writing to encourage you to hang in there and continue to remain open with your fiance. My ex-fiance's depression caused me alot of pain and he was not open with me and completely shut me out. He eventually ended our relationship over it. I always encourage couples now to visit a therapist together, so you know how to work through the tough stuff together. When one person is sick it puts alot of strain on both people! Best wishes. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Wishing you luck and courage. You are obviously exceptionally brave – it's a hard thing to write – and I have no doubt that you will come through even stronger than before. Really love the gentle creative voice you are in the wedding world. Thank you.

  • elizatruitt says:

    Thanks for opening up and trusting us readers. And bring on the bumpy road! We'll be here reading and enjoying the journey as you figure it all out…

  • jessica lynn says:

    thinking of you. stay stong. you are such an important part of the wedding industry and i hope that you get your insipration, creativity and all around awesomeness back sometime soon. but, take as long as you need. afterall, we'll all be here waiting for your return :)

  • Molly Jean says:

    Kathryn: 1st, it was very brave of you to post this. Also, just so you know, your blog is as beautiful & inspiring as ever. I've noticed nothing less than stellar/inspiring/thoughtful posts as of late, so no apologies necessary on that front! Finally, in the grand scheme of things, it's just a blog. Focus on taking care of yourself first! You are such an amazing PROVEN talent that any break you need to take will never underscore that. Focus first, always, on your health!

    Again, thanks so much for your constant inspiration! And best of luck with everything!

  • Miss Type-A says:

    I'm thinking about you! Everyone (i believe) struggles with depression in their life at some point and it's fantastic that you have taken notice and decided to make yourself a priority!! As far as the long engagement goes– i myself am having a 2 year engagement while me and my fiancee finish law school. Sometimes its a bummer but in the end– you'll still be married! :)

    Hang in there! I will continue to be a reader no matter what :)

  • Kristen Nichols says:

    God Bless you Kathryn, for being strong enough to be open to the world about issues so many face in silence. From your amazing boards to your honest and heartfelt words, you are an inspiration to us all! Much Love!

  • kati says:

    so sorry you're going through a rough patch. i love the blog but seriously don't care how often you post as long as YOU feel like posting! xoxo

  • Anna says:

    It means so much to see someone be up front about depression and its effect on their relationship. Big props to you for being honest, staying together, putting it out in the open. I'm right there with you, and my sweetie made a great comment this weekend about how he learned to get me through my anxiety phases by watching my mom deal with my dad. Which kinda made me say "eesh," but at the same time, his strategy worked. Dunno if this is helpful, or if your family has similar struggles, but just thought I would share it in case. And, on a side note, it is such a nice break to see this after looking at eight billion photos gorgeous couples staring longingly into one anothers' eyes. Stay strong.

  • shanon says:

    I've always stopped by your blog for inspiration, you have such a great eye, and I didn't expect to read this today. Sometimes I forget that everyone on the internet is just as real as I am, and this post has really struck a cord with me. I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I just know that you will be okay. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system and that the new goals for the coming year have you excited. I wish for you peace and healing. Thank you for sharing this, and for reminding me that we are all real people with real struggles. I hope you begin to feel tons better soon! Take care of yourself! xoxo

  • Adrienne says:

    Kathryn –

    Never ever doubt that you, and only you, should come 1st before anything else – congratulations to you for taking charge of your well being and we all support you. Your blog has been a huge inspiration for so many, myself included…..we all are cheering for you and send lots of good thoughts and positive vibes.

  • chelsea says:

    hey kathryn- xoxoxoxo!!! i totally understand how you feel about blogging… to be honest though.. snippet and ink is still a great source of inspiration to me. if you post only when you want to.. that is ok with me.

    take time for your self! i am sorry to hear things are rough.. i am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  • chelsea says:

    hey kathryn- xoxoxoxo!!! i totally understand how you feel about blogging… to be honest though.. snippet and ink is still a great source of inspiration to me. if you post only when you want to.. that is ok with me.

    take time for your self! i am sorry to hear things are rough.. i am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  • Annie says:

    Kathryn – Thank you for your honesty, and more than anything – Take care of yourself!

  • redwhitebride says:

    Hi, Kathryn. Take care of yourself, that's a priority. You are among the most creative persons I know. Your readers will be here with you through the bumps. Here, here for a healthy, happy life!!

  • Anonymous says:


    All the above comments said it so well: we all appreciate your unique voice, this wonderful blog, and your honesty. It is very brave to be honest and to seek the help you need. We all struggle with something and you are not alone.

    Please take your time and be good to yourself. Nurture yourself first and let us slide when you need. We'll all go along for the ride and send you nothing but wind for your sails.

  • Victoria Lynn says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I feel so much compassion for you–I've been there myself–and I am thinking of you. I hope you know that you are MY FAVORITE blog and even though my wedding has passed and I have been unable to keep up with my blog subscriptions, I always faithfully look forward to your posts every day. Feel better!

  • Annie says:

    Thanks for being real. Please take care of yourself! It must be tough to work in a field where there is so much pressure to be joyful all the time, even when that's not how you are feeling internally. Your honestly is enlightening. I wish more wedding bloggers would apply the same philosophy to what they do.

    Know that your readers will remain loyal to you and to this site even if it is a bit sporadic for a while. I'm sure many of us have gone through similar periods. Be strong, and don't feel pressure to blog everyday. We understand!

  • Kathryn, Snippet & Ink is you. If this is where you are, so be it. Your blog is what it is because of how honestly you approach it and how little you have allowed commercialism to taint our, your readers' experience. So thank you. We do understand.

  • Anonymous says:

    thank you so much for all your creativity and the work you have put in, even when you are not feeling yourself. my partner and I have made the same decision, to hold things off and put our own individual issues forefront before planning a big, loving party. I hope this time is constructive for you, that you come out feeling more like you and more sure of who you are, and what you want. Your blog has always been a source of smiles and inspiration, which I believe all comes through you! So, please take care of yourself, take the time you need, and return to us is whatever form.
    hugs and lots of support.

  • leni says:

    you are truly amazing and i appreciate your honesty. and there's nothing wrong with a longer engagement – the bright side is that you'll get longer to plan all the tiny little details! thank you for your beautiful blog.


  • Tonia says:

    I'm a newer reader, but I'm totally hooked because your blog feels more personal than other wedding blogs, giving it a special touch.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You're very inspiring. I am sending positive vibes your way, and I hope that your long engagement means some relaxing days ahead for you and your fiance…now that you don't have to stress out about planning, enjoy just being engaged! :)

    I look forward to what's to come!

  • Kathryn, You've always been one of my favorite bloggers for some many reasons. Perhaps primary of those is that your heart and your sincerity have always been evident. Your genuine and loving spirit has always shone through. Thank you for always being an inspiration. I look forward to all of the many great things to come for you, your future hubby and Snippet & Ink. Bumps or no bumps, your readers will be here to stay.


  • ami @ elizabeth anne designs says:

    we all love you sweetie – if you need anything, i am here.


  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all the great posts thus far. You are and were a great source of inspiration for my own wedding last year. I subscribe to your blog and look forward to your posts everyday. Know that you bring great joy, inspiration and creativity to everyone who visits your blog.

    Take care of yourself first and the rest will fall into place. I wish you all the best.

  • Anonymous says:

    take care of yourself! thanks for all of the inspiration and beautiful ideas!

  • B Dunlap says:

    Thank you for being so honest and amazing, Kathryn! You will be in my thoughts, and my offer still stands, however long of an engagement you have! xo

  • Mandy says:

    You are so lovely, and I think your honesty is refreshing. Please keep blogging! I adore your blog, it inspires me.

  • Très Chic says:

    I can completely relate and it is so brave of you to open up to all of us. Stay strong, take your time and we will all be here when you are ready.

  • Anonymous says:

    hang in there…they say time heals all pain, but I think love helps too. you'll be in my thoughts. thank you for what you do.

  • Yiskah says:

    I've suffered from depression in the past and I just think it's so impressive and amazing that you have continued to keep this huge undertaking afloat! Good for you for putting your health and happiness first! Good luck with everything. I know very well how difficult this time can be and it's really great you have a fiance who will support you in taking care of yourself!

  • Kathleen says:

    I'm glad you're taking time to focus on yourself and your own happiness. I have struggled with anxiety and for me the hardest part was admitting to myself that I couldn't do it all alone. Best wishes on your journey — you're an inspiration, and not just when it comes to beautiful weddings.

  • Erienne says:

    it's amazing to me that the day i come back to blogging after being away for some time, you are speaking practically identical words to my own. My joy in blogging has dissipated, hence my time away from it. But just know that your blog is fabulous and take all the time you need to get back to the place where this feels like fun rather than work : )

  • Dawn says:

    I know it's a weird word in this context, but congratulations! Congratulations on actually dealing with the depression. That's huge!! Not many people have that kind of deep-down inner strength…and that leads to all kinds of ickiness, including hurting others. (I'm speaking from personal experience here.)
    Wishing you all the best on your path,

  • Maddy @ Inspired Bride says:

    I'm so glad to hear you're taking the time to take care of yourself, Kathryn. I have no doubt that you and your fiance will come out of this a lot stronger, and I really wish you well. Just know that we're all thinking about you and want what's best for you – so take the time you need to get healthy and find your inspiration.

  • Fatale Femme says:


    Sounds like you've picked yourself a compassionate and understanding partner to go through life with. Take the time to enjoy your lengthened engagement.

    I've long loved this blog and your unique voice and discerning eye, but I hate to think of it weighing on you instead of being a pleasure to work on. Take care of yourself before you take care of us, doll.

    Thanks and good luck!

  • lisa says:


    You are amazing. Your inspiration, thoughtfulness, dedication and talent shows through with each and every one of your posts.

    I look to your site on a daily basis for lift, to see an awesome board or photos.
    Please look inside yourself and take care of what's most important, you. It'll get better with time.

    I wish you all the very best.

  • i am... says:

    Thank you for being honest. I chose to talk about my mental health issues on my blog and it was such a relief to get it all out there.

    Take all the time you need to get back to your wonderful health self. I'll still be here whenever you get back into the swing of things!

  • Sarah says:

    This post alone is inspirational, Kathryn. I always look forward to visiting your blog and I wish the absolute best to you and your love.

    ps. I had a FOUR-year engagement and it was sublime. It gave us time to enjoy justI was able to really refine my ideas of what I wanted for the wedding. xoxoxo.

  • brooke @ claremont road says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us something that is so deeply personal. Best wishes for a healthy, happy you!!!

  • 100layercake says:

    Kathryn ~ although I don't know you personally and have only spoken to you briefly, I wish you all the best as a blogger friend. You've been a great source of inspiration to me since you began and I look forward to all that is in store.

    xo~ Jillian

  • Abbie says:

    I applaud you for being so open and honest. Taking time for yourself is hard in this technological world, so it's important to carve out the time, even if it means a few less posts. Getting to a place where you are happy and healthy will allow you to find joy in posting again. We'll all still be here!

  • Laurie Arons says:

    Big hugs Kathryn, it sounds like you are in a good place now and you have a wonderful support system with your fiance.

    As a wedding business owner (16 years) I can tell you that I have been burnt out and drained from time to time and the best thing to do is to go away, to recharge the battery and get inspiration from something other than what you live and see everyday. Your honesty is so refreshing. xo

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your candor and bravery in posting about your rough patch. Depression affects so many of us. You are not alone. While I love your blog, it is most important for you to take care of you. Prayers, healing thoughts and hugs are being sent your way.

  • Kendra says:

    Snipped & Ink has been a daily read of mine for a while now, and this is the first time I've commented. I really appreciate how you feel safe to share with your readers about your struggles-it makes your blog real. I hope that the blog can again provide you with the joy that it once did! If not, do what YOU need to do!

  • A_Reader says:

    Dear Kathryn,
    I love your blog, it is such a refreshing alternative to some of the overly commercialized wedding blogs out there…everything you feature is sweet and feels beautiful in a personal way. Thank you for creating this and best of luck with all the personal and relationship growth — sounds like such a wise and mature choice.

  • Emily @ Peach & Pearl says:

    Lots of love to you, Miss Kathryn! You've always been one of my very favorite bloggers — it never ceases to amaze me what you come up with.

  • Anonymous says:

    Having struggled with depression as well, my heart goes out to you. I read this blog daily and look forward to all the creative ideas your blog inspires. Take time for yourself and know others are sending warm and best wishes your way.

  • Andrea - an S&I admirer says:

    I'm sorry you are having a hard time and it sounds like you are doing all the right things right now. Wishing you all the best. Ride the waves. I look forward to how your creativity re-emerges!

  • Cupcake Wedding says:

    Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. I hope you are able to work through whatever you are going through. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you the best.

  • Rebecca Portsmouth says:

    Thanks for sharing and hope you manage to get things onto an even keel. Hope you're managing to do at least one thing for yourself every day … helps with staying fresh as well as happy.

  • Traveling bride says:

    I love your blog and check the site everyday, but good health and relationships are the most important thing. look after yourself, and I wish you all the love and support, through your difficult time. I hope after all the inspiration and support you have given to your countless readers I hope that you recieve the support and inspirations you need.

  • Angela says:

    You have hidden your illness well because I would never have known from the love in your blog that you were suffering. Much love to you in getting through this and I hope your dark cloud lifts soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi! I suffer from bipolar disorder and have been suicidal many times before. You probably have already tried this but if you haven't you might want to… get a blue lamp and use it on regular basis. It sure helps me (medications in my case are only effective on the highs, not the lows). Also, don't worry about explaining yourself and take this time to reassess your priorities. There are scientists (evolutionary psichiatrists and evolutionary psychologists) who think that depression has an evolutionary reason, like many other illnesses. That reason being: preserving your energies in a time of limited availability and reassessment of your priorities. So don't feel badly about it… you are doing what you are wired to do! Much love and understanding! My email is tarsiero.rosanna84@gmail.com if you feel like chatting, about anything you want :)

  • Kath says:

    Depression isn't fun and all you can do is deal with it in your way.
    I hope you find your way soon.

  • I only realised I was suffering from depression after I got engaged. It was a struggle for myself and my FH but I really do believe we are starting to come out the other side with a stronger relationship. I've learnt so much more about myself and what I want out of life that all those really really horrible time feel like they are worth it. We are finally getting hitched this March and it feels fantastic planning it now because it just feels right.

    Best wishes for the future. Work through it and take all the time you and your partner need.

  • Spare Thoughts says:

    Just want to add my comment to those above. I love your blog it makes me smile everyday – however you need it to make you smile too. You need to put yourself, your health and your relationship first – do what feels right for you.

  • Shannon says:

    Your courage to share something so personal with so many people is admirable. You are an example to many about how being a whole and healthy person is extremely important when promising to spend your life with someone else. Thank you for your bravery and your honesty. I wish you the best of luck.

  • The Hasslers says:


    I'm so glad you have a supportive fiance to stand beside you through anything. I always knew he was a great one :)

    I also know that you will come up with some great things for Snippet & Ink. I still look at it everyday even though we have been married over a year.

    If you and your "honey" need to get away you know you are always welcome at our place in East TN (the Smoky Mountains are gorgeous.)

    The Hasslers

  • Maria @ {ritzy bee} says:

    I love you Kathryn…you are so strong for even thinking of sharing this.

  • Jessica says:


    Thank you for sharing! I've also been struggling with depression for the past few years and know how hard it is to talk about. It is people like you, who are brave enough to talk about it, that help others to seek help and recover. Focus on treating yourself well!! Aside from all of the wonderful wedding inspiration from your lovely blog, this is wonderful life inspiration for all of us. Best of luck, Jessica

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish you nothing but good health and strength! Snippet and Ink always fills me with joy and inspiration- I can only hope you find something which does the same for you.

  • Cindy from Smitten says:

    As someone else said, creative people are especially prone to bouts of depression. I think a person leaves a little piece of their soul behind in the things they create and after a while are stretched so thin they feel as if they will tear in half from the slightest breeze. When you come out on the other side Kathryn, and you will, you will find the joy again, and it'll be more fulfilling than it was before. Keep your chin up!

  • Marty Kelly says:

    Thank you for your honesty with your readers, and your bravery in shining some light into a dark place. Your blog brings a moment of joy and color and fun into my day, time and again! You deserve to rest and regroup… sending support and well wishes from a loyal reader and fan.
    Marty Kelly

  • brides and babes says:

    Thank you for sharing with us! I love your work on here, but you do what you need to get yourself where you need to be. Take care of you first!!!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Julia says:

    I think it is so wise for you to get the help you need before you marry. I've also dealt with depression and know how hard it can be and now my heart goes out to anyone who suffers from it. I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for being so honest and thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Sara Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing! I think you're right about being open and honest. Just the little bit you shared about your engagement has hit home with me! I just got engaged, started a blog and have been in all-out-planning mode! I decided recently to take a rest from the wedding planning and focus on me! Thanks again for sharing. You're an inspiration!


  • magpiesandmagnolias says:

    Kathryn- I completely understand how overwhelming life is when you are trying to work and be a good sister/daughter/fiance/woman while planning a wedding. I think your decision to take some time and focus on your health now is incredibly brave and smart. Most women push too hard because we think we have to be everything to everyone at the sake of our own happiness. I believe that your body is telling you it is time to slow down. And I am glad that you are. Bravo! Also, int he event you decide to take a little hiatus, all of your readers will be here when you get back. We are loyal because your inspiration is so great!

  • Kristen Wall says:


    I have often said there's no point in getting married if you aren't crawling into bed at night at the end of a hard day next to someone you absolutely know will walk next to you during the hard times. Sounds like you've found him. Blessings for your recovery and your relationship.

  • Nehemiah 8:10 in the Bible. I look there for strength from the Lord when my joy seems gone. He is faithful to give us joy when we ask!

    Thanks for your honesty and for your strength in sharing your heart!

  • Anonymous says:

    Katherine, you are incredible – thank you for being so honest and candid. you have so much love and support in the blogging world… it would not be the same without you! sending love,and all the best your way…


  • Mariss says:

    Thank you for sharing, it means alot to all of us! I hope that you get through this tough time sooner than later, but good for you for addressing it and being brave!

  • !Tb0n3! says:

    Thank you for sharing. I hope that you will feel better soon. You are an inspiration for many of us!

  • Abigail@BelovedPhotos.com says:

    For some time I have been reading your posts, taking what you share and meditating on it. I want you to know that your daily inspirations have helped me grow as a photographer as well as a blogger.

    I hope that even during this difficult time, you will continue to be mindful of the wonderful things you do for others. It won't always be like this. With the support of your loved ones and this community you've built, brighter days are ahead. Say it until you believe it because eventually you will. Anything you can believe you can achieve.

    Thank you for everything you do.

  • Lara says:

    You are a blessing, Kathryn. Thank you for writing this and you are in my prayers!

  • Anonymous says:

    Take care of yourself–you come first! I've been reading your blog for about a year now, and it has been a beautiful source of inspiration. Thank you for all your do.

  • Betty says:


    in my opinion, sometimes honesty is the hardest part about depression. not only with other people but especially with yourself. it takes a lot of courage to face the issues staring you in the face. i applaud you.

    i've been there and every single day is a struggle especially if you are confronting it daily. take care. may you get to that happy and centered place again soon.

  • The Professional Bridesmaid says:

    Your honesty is very much appreciated. I wish you much luck in your battle of depression. It sounds like you're already on your way! I'm a big fan of your blog and will be here when you're back, better than ever!

  • Wasabi says:

    I also struggle with depression, and can sympathize with what you are going through. I've been reading along since your first post, and I'm getting married in 2011. I think the hardest part of a long engagment is the pressure others put on you, or the fear of their reactions. Because other than that it's been pretty nice: locking in 2010 vendor prices, no pressure to make decisions right away, the ability to put off wedding planning without guilt, and tons of time for creativity.

  • Molly says:

    Kathryn: I've been following your blog since I met you and your fiancee at New Soul Korean, last winter (prior to your move). I am Dave's girlfriend (Dave and Pat have spent many hours in the boundary waters, together). Your friendly and charming personality even sparkles online – I have so enjoyed being inspired by your creativity! I hope you take really good care of yourself as you move through this…I'm sure there are sunnier days ahead :)

    All my best –
    Molly (Dave's fiancee!)

  • simplesong says:

    I'm just catching up on blog reading today + just read this. I admire your honesty + willingness to share. We all love S&I and are cheering you on. I have no doubt whatever direction you take this great blog it will continue to be among the best. Take care of yourself…xx, suann

  • Jessica @ budgetsavvybride says:


    I've battled depression over the last few years and I know how tough it can be to just feel lousy even when things are going great. Just know that your faithful readers are thinking about you and thinking good thoughts for you- because you inspire us all so much. Good for you for taking the time to get healthy in mind and spirit, and for being brave enough to share your struggles with others. *hugs*

  • ashleighspeir says:


    You are such a blessing to me! How brave to share your struggles with us. Take time for yourself and don't feel pressured to stick to any timeline, with your wedding or your blog. As everyone has said, we'll all be here waiting for you when you come back if you need to take a break.

    You bring joy to my day and have passed along much-needed words of encouragement to me, probably without ever knowing. Know that you have touched a life with your creativity and words of wisdom. I am a much calmer and happier bride because of it. :)

    Much love and many prayers as you keep on this journey!

  • southern daze says:

    We're rooting for you! Thanks for being honest and for letting us in to your world. I wish there was something I could do to help you through this but hopefully knowing you have support in blogland is something. Stay strong, be true to yourself, and I promise we'll all be here waiting for you!

  • Tafe says:

    Wow – what a very brave post! I have been fighting my way out of the depths of depression myself since moving to Boston two years ago. Reading your words and as well as the responses made ME feel less alone and more supported – thank you! It isn't an easy thing to share and I am glad that you did. Best wishes in your journey.

  • Amy@OldSweetSong says:

    You are in my thoughts, my dear. This blog is absolutely amazing and your talents are unbelievable. Keep doing what you do, I'm a reader for life!

  • CraftySmurfette says:

    Isn't the internet a funny thing?…I don't know you, yet I am so very proud of you for knowing when you needed to take a step back and focus on YOU. You will be in my thoughts and I look forward to whatever direction your blog goes as it follows along with you!

  • jess* says:

    as someone who has dealt with depression her whole life, i commend you in your honesty, openness and willingness to address your feelings. it is not an easy thing to do. i too also wish all the blessings on your journey.. for i know it is a hard road. remember to be good to yourself. eat. rest. exercise. and remember to breathe. your blog has been such an inspiration to me and my big day. so thank you for your hard work, dedication and creativity. i will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

    * someone once told me that depression is the great teacher, and i really believe that. anytime i have made through to the other side there it has been met with grace. i wish you that as well.

    big hugs

  • Prippy Handbook says:

    Best of luck with your journey. Your passion and creativity make your blog one of my "must reads," and you are truly gifted! Now, not only is your blog a source for inspiration, but so are you.

  • Anonymous says:

    you are my favourite, kathryn! love and prayers coming your way from ontario! xox

  • {The Perfect Palette} says:

    I suggest you try to take care of yourself & put the blogging on hold for a while. In the end, you have to take care of yourself :) It has to be a priority. You have given so much of yourself for so long to this community of wedding bloggers! If blogging is adding added pressure to your life- everyone will understand. In the end, to find happiness you have to be honest with yourself. Seems like you are taking the necessary steps to find peace! Much love you you! I wish you nothing but peace, love & happiness in life.

  • Stephanie says:

    thank you for your honesty; I LOVE your blog! I got so so much ideas from your blog for my own wedding!

    Take care of yourself & stay strong! xx

  • Katie D. says:

    While I am fairly new to this blog, I have to say it is one of my favorite wedding blogs out there!

    Kathryn, you are truly creative and talented, so please follow your passion and continue to stay strong.

    I can kind of relate to your situation, as I am engaged and going through a bit of a rough patch – looking for a new job and transitioning to a new city. I know how difficult it is to try to find happiness is hard times. Take care of yourself and focus on the things that make you amazing! It's nice to hear your fiance is so supportive as well!

  • Anonymous says:

    Please don't worry about us readers. Do what you need to do. Wedding blogs (and blogging) are a double edged sword. Their emotional power can make a person feel sad, lonely, and without. Yours does not do that to me, but don't let it do it to you! We have your wonderful, beautiful archives and can handle a few weeks/months/whatevers without you if it means you're working on more important priorities. Feel better!

  • blissweddings says:

    take care of yourself, kathryn! you've done such a wonderful job with this blog and i can't wait to see what you have in store for it in the future. best, cheryl

  • Hbrown says:

    My heart is with you. I wish you strength, courage, and trust as you face this. I myself am struggling with admitting I may have depression. Thank you for your honesty :) As far as Snippet and Ink, let me just tell you that finding your blog was the best thing in my life. It changed my career path and gave me something to be inspired in :) Thank you

  • Jennifer says:

    Aren't you brave. I struggle with anxiety; I know it's different than depression, but I think it's similar in that it overtakes you, so rudely, without your permission, and leaves you feeling out of control of your own emotions. I've been talking with a terrific counselor for a few years and I can tell you, I'm a different person now and I understand freedom in a whole new way. I hope this isn't TMI and of course, I'm not saying you should do what I did, but I just wanted to encourage you. You're doing a really brave thing, and change is possible.

  • {tig} says:

    stopping in to wish you well, kathryn — wonderful that you are making your health + well-being a priority — a long engagement sounds like fun! more time to plan :)

    thinking of you,

  • Blush Paperie says:

    You have given so much to so many of us for so long, thank you for what you do! You are so brave to speak about what you are going through. I wish you the best and continued courage.

  • Kathryn,

    You are going to be just fine, I know it! I went through a rough bout with depression and I know it's not easy. My man helped me through it and I learned a whole lot about myself and about our relationship. Don't be afraid to lean on him and your other loved ones because you can't do this alone. Plus, you have the entire blogging community behind you! Get well soon sweet girl.


  • Liene Stevens says:

    I so so so love that you had the guts to post this. Thank you – I'm sure you've helped more people than you know by honestly sharing this part of your life.

    As someone who's been through depression, I know that it is very real. I also know that the light at the end of the tunnel is always there – no matter how dim it may be at any given moment.

    So excited to see the changes you make and to all that's in store for you. Your blog has made the online wedding community better and the work you've done has been an important part in many a bride's planning process.

  • em kaveney - elki design says:

    Kathryn, you have been a true inspiration to me, both with your creativity and your beautiful words through your blog. We're having a 14month engagement and we're really enjoying it. I wish you all the best and thank you for your honesty. Take care x

  • h.Lo says:

    Wishing you nothing but the best, Kathryn! As many have already said, you have made such a wonderful impact on the wedding world through your creativity and enthusiasm. I hope you find your spark again soon, and know that we all support you in doing so! =)

  • Yvonne says:

    Do what you need to do to get better…there's no shame in that. I am sure that taking care of yourself will eventually translate into your work. I love coming to your blog as a escape from my own troubles :)

  • Tairay says:

    Kathryn, you are truly an inspiration. I visit snippet & ink everyday and get so much joy out of it. I hope that you can get back to a place where you find joy too. It seems so selfish of me to take so much from you without giving anything back. Thank you for your amazing blog. I pray that you will find peace.

  • The Wedding Decorator says:

    Gosh how brave are you, it is normal for creative people to have this sort of problem and it is great you are able to work through it, I just wish you all the happiness you deserve and keep on trucking you are a hugely talented person that has bought an enormous amount of creativity and inspiration into so many people's lives x

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been following this blog for a long time, and have always enjoyed your creative expressions! I too would like to commend you on being upfront about your struggles and just please know that you are not alone! I too have recently been struggling with depression (diagnosed in the midst of planning my own wedding), and know how the fog can completely overcome everything. Taking time to take care of yourself first will only make your relationship with others stronger—we are all rooting for you!

  • Haley says:

    I just found your blog last week and have been hooked! you are so talented and as a fellow blogger– i can tell there is a really beautiful person behind this all. Get back to being you– that is who we all really love :) Blessings

  • Gloria Wong says:

    Kathryn, you are such a talented, warm, and sweet person. You have so many fans who are rooting for you right now. Please know that we all love you!!!

  • sarah yates says:

    It is courageous and lovely of you to post this and I'm sure you've made many people feel less alone today. We are all pulling for you and wishing you nothing but the absolute best!

  • Candice @ Jubilee Events says:

    So many people have said such thoughtful things. I wanted to chime in with support to you! xoxo

  • Savage Rose says:

    You are an inspiration to so many people! Being older has made me realize how our bumps and challenges along the way make us stronger and give us character! May your creativity and all thats romantic and beautiful wrap you and bring you strength!

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been a secret ghost follower for ages…only blog that I actually follow. You do great, and I always marvelled that you stuck to it so faithfully. I could imagine what arduous work it can become at times. Take care of yourself first.
    Love ya! Been married for 6 years, so what the heck and I really doing following your blog?! You are THAT good! :)

  • Stephanie says:

    You are understood and loved here, you never need to explain to us! take time for yourself, sample the small delights and come back refreshed.

    all our love! x

  • Peonies and Polaroids says:

    Oh chicken, depression is awful and horrible and it truly saps the life from you. You're amazing carrying on being creative even just a little when feeling so rotten. You'll get through it brave girl and all of your readers will be right here waiting. xx

  • Miss Lissy says:

    I was depressed for a long time and I know it's a hard place to be and it's not fun and it's not easy. You are amazing though and I love reading your blog – it puts a smile on my face. I know you can make it through it. You are strong enough.

    Take Care
    Miss Lissy

  • krys {at} doublestrandpearls.com says:

    Stay strong! I love your blog and you have been such an inspiration. Thank you for being one of the highlights of my day!

  • Erin Elizabeth says:

    Kathryn – your blog is beautiful and I believe that it is because it's written by a beautiful person and your spirit and love shines through. I too have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. Being proactive is critical. Tackle it head on and discover what management techniques work best for you. I wish you all the best and send you a gigantic virtual HUG! :) I love your blog and check it often. Taking a peek at Snippet & Ink always makes me happy. You're doing great, but always give yourself breaks when you need them. Your devoted readers understand. :)

  • Nicole-Lynn says:

    You are wonderful…thanks for being so honest and candid; that's what sets your blog apart from the rest. I hope you enjoyed the time off and take care of yourself and your fiance! :)

  • Kathryn-

    What a surprise to read this – but not surprised at all from all the support I'm seeing. I haven't had the honor of meeting you in person, but I've only heard the sweetest things about you. I do hope we get to meet one day. I think it's incredibility brave of you to share this part of your life, but I agree that I think this will help a lot of others who suffer from depression by you openly talking about it. Take as much time as you need. We will all still be here when you are ready to come back. We love Snippet & Ink!!

    Hugs! Jen

  • Rebecca & Simeon says:

    I agree with so many of these comments : )
    It's wonderful that you've been so open and honest about what's happening in your life. I will continue to enjoy your blog in whatever capacity you do it, it's wonderful.
    Enjoy your Engagement, it can be a very special time.
    All the best.

  • Brooke says:

    I, too, just dealt with a very difficult depression, and talking about it is the first step to getting to the other side. I am so embarrassed that I didn't grab you by the arm and take you to The Steeping Room here in Austin the minute you moved to town for lots of hot tea and scones! We can play hookie from our blogs and chat about all things inspirational any time you've got a free minute.

    And, like another commentor said, your blog has always been such an inspiration, and no less of one lately. But everyone needs a sabbatical once in a while. Listen to the TED Talk by Stephan Sagmeister about his latest year-long break! Many hugs, Brooke

  • A Bryan Photo says:

    Much love to you from the A Bryan Photo crew!
    I loved hearing your heart in this post. It takes alot of guts to be open and honest.
    Can't wait to spend time with you in two weeks!

  • Sarah says:

    Kathryn –

    S&I is my number one favorite wedding/inspiration blog hands down. i check in every damn day.

    i want to say something meaningful or helpful about depression here, but really all i can say is that i continue to learn about my own struggle with it, and that you are not alone.

    my best to you, and many many thanks for all that you do


  • elaine says:

    Kathryn-I admire you for being so open. I still follow your blog regularly even though the wedding has passed. You were one of my main sources of inspiration and I can not thank you enough for all your beautiful ideas! Stay strong and enjoy your engagement!

  • Emma says:

    Put simply; your wonderful…dont ever forget it!
    Keep positive and strong.
    Emma x

  • Anonymous says:

    One word describes you… AMAZING!

    I look at your blog everyday. I have been married for 10 years, so it's not for wedding inspiration…I just find such a connection and beauty.

    You are truly extrodinary and ordinary!

    Thank you, thak you, thank you!

    You have an amazing spirit!

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Kathryn, Thank you for sharing your story. When we got engaged, I, too was struggling with depression and anxiety. We put off our wedding until 2 years after our engagement. It was a really hard thing to do, especially because, at times, we were uncertain whether we would get married at all. We both went to therapy, got married this past September, and are so happy! Your marriage and your life will be stronger and richer for the challenges that you are dealing with now, even though they are so hard. I know you'll get through this.

  • Christine Gallagher says:

    Hey Girl. Anytime something moves from a passion, a love to… work. there is a period of sadness. When photography turned a career, it lost some of the luster that it had before for me. With that said, after a period of adjustment, I learned to love it for other reasons and feel blessed to have gotten to take something that was such a part of my personality and make it a success.
    Life is a bumpy road. Not always a fun road. You are human. Depression comes with that. Being a woman, more so. We are emotional beings. But that intense feeling of anything, sadness, being overwhelmed, etc is what makes us who we are.
    I adore your blog. I check it often. I have enjoyed being apart of it. You will find your peace and feel better. I am sure of it. Until then, much love – Christine

  • Thank you so much for opening up!! I know that it is hard, I speak from experience!!! I get to work and your blog is the first I look at everyday. You start my day off right:) I hope you know you have a great many people that you bring joy to and I hope that you can find your own Joy again!!! :)

  • Patricia Scarpin says:

    I had no idea – I'm so sorry, but at the same time hoping you'll be fine. Be sure there are Brazilian fingers crossed here for you.


  • Lola says:

    We all go through some depression at one point in our lives. What helped me was a book that was recommended by a number of people called "You Can Heal Your Life". I got it in audio and listened to it at work daily. Just remember to grow from your experience and remember LIFE IS NOT ABOUT HOW TO SURVIVE THE STORM, BUT HOW TO LEARN TO DANCE IN THE RAIN!

  • blackandwhite{sidebyside} says:

    praying for you in WV!
    i went through a very similar situation when my wedding was canceled this year. after spending several months apart & seeking counsel/therapy for my depression, my fiance and i are back together now and couldn't be happier. i am so thankful that we did not get married in june, as planned. without that time away from wedding planning, i wouldnt be in the peaceful mental state that i am today. i prayerfully hope it will be the same for you! it will be so much better when you decide to move forward with the wedding again :)

  • Amanda says:

    You're wonderful. I wrote you and asked questions about how to build a 3-column blog, etc and you answered above and beyond. Keep fighting the good fight of being a fabulous person in this crazy world of business and money. You are a beacon of loveliness.

    I truly am an admirer not just of your blog but of how you treat your readers and fellow bloggers. Thank you for your honesty. It is incredibly refreshing.

  • alecialauren says:

    I love your blog and think you are so brave! Stay strong and we, your loyal readers, support you!

  • Courtney says:


    I'm wishing you all the best in your days ahead. I know it is a personal struggle but that it also helps to have a support team around you. It is clear that you have one in your personal life and one here – in your virtual life. :)

    I can't wait to see what's next for Snippet & Ink but, please, take your time. It's amazing what an "un-plugged" week can do for the soul.

    Hugs and big love,


  • Lisa Marie says:

    Hi Kathryn, What a tough post to write. Or, maybe it was easy because it is a relief to no longer carry this weight alone?

    Absolutely blogging and turning a passion into a business can feel lonely & isolating. Just you and the computer and a bunch of people out there somewhere expecting you to constantly be a genius! : ) With all these comments, I hope you find a comfort in your virtual friends across the world–so many of whom have been through something similar.

    You didn't get to where you are for no good reason. You're amazingly talented & visionary and have inspired brides and pros alike. But it is true what so many have said here–it is the artists who feel deeper, for better or for worse.

    Enjoy some face-to-face contact away from the computer and know we will all be here sending virtual hugs whenever you sit back down to work again. Thank you for creating this community that attracts real and wonderful people like yourself… warmest regards, lisa marie

  • jasonkeefer says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I love your blog and seeing the way you open up to us the readers just makes me fill with so much emotion and inspiration… I too have struggled with depression. Please know that you have so many that love and support you. Thank you for being so beautiful and real.


  • Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggle. And CONGRATULATIONS on your new path to health. I can relate 100% — what helped me, especially in my darkest moments, was to look for "Moments of Levity." Kind of cheesy, but that's what called them. Those moments might not be very often at first, but let yourself notice the seconds, minutes or hours that you feel the cloud has lifted. And breathe deeply! As you heal, those moments will increase (even if it doesn't feel like it now). We're pulling for you!!!

  • Anonymous says:


    Thank you for making the decision to lay your feeling out there and share with us you ups and downs. The realness of your blog keeps me coming back for inspiration and support. It is amazing how just knowing that someone else, especially someone as talented as yourself, has "off" days. It is the curse of the genius, creative and weirdly talented -and I feel better just knowing I am not the only one. Some days (and nights) the creative ideas flow effortlessly and relentlessly and both excite, yet at the same time, torure, as ideas cannot come to fruition all at once, though in our flooded minds we need them to. And then slowly the spiral of ideas cease, the mind feels bland, tasteless and worst of all- conventional, until the cycle begins again. It is the cycle of the artist- we feel more deeply. We, your viewers look forward to the culmination of your feelings through your inspiration, and so too, continue to be inspired. So Thank You!

  • onlypassingthrough says:

    hey kathryn,

    i struggle as well. i'm still working through it (always working through it), but something that has helped me this past year was stumbling upon the blogging/crafting/creative community that you're a part of, and your blog especially. keep doing what you love, take deeper breaths while you do the things that are paining you right now, and focus on yourself. your dude sounds like a wonderful, supportive man as well. lean on and trust him.

    hit me up if you ever need to chat, but regardless, have a beautiful weekend.

  • Laurel says:

    I am not even engaged. Although my boyfriend and I have been together almost 5 years now. We eventually plan on getting married BUT even if I was no where near that point I still enjoy your blog for the sheer beauty. please stay stong. you touch more than you know.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can always count on your blog to be creative, visually exquisite, and near-perfection. I understand your struggles. Be kind to yourself and know that your readers will be here no matter what you need to do for yourself and your health.

  • Christina says:

    Courage. That's what you've got. Thanks for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and sharing your struggle. You inspire.

  • Katy says:

    I'm always glad when people talk about struggling with depression, because it's so common yet usually hidden. I agree with what somee others have been saying about creativity and depression often going hand in hand.

    To experience the big highs and heightened perception the creativity brings often means some lows to balance it out.

    Keep on rolling with the punches! Your blog is always amazing, so I'm sure any bumps will be unnoticable.

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