Hipster food, Barbie’s new look, and have a happy weekend!

gold pins from Furze Chan Studio

A beautiful collection of gold pins.

This classic, understated enamel locket would be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.

Your life is Tetris, so stop playing like it’s chess.

Mock champagne punch is the perfect non-alcoholic way to celebrate something!

I’ve been looking for the perfect mug. Is it this one? Or this one?

Barbie gets a new look (a lot of new looks actually).

Beautifully styled IKEA beds.

Hilarious illustration of a trans-Atlantic flight experience.

What’s next for hipster food?

On a related note, is $25 mouthwash really better than the drugstore kind? I adore the packaging but I’m honestly curious – if you’ve used Aesop products, do they live up to the hype (and the price tag?).

DIY lavender linen spray sounds luxuriously lovely.

A planter that doubles as a room divider.

Need some first dance song inspiration?

Win a ticket to Gump’s Wedding Chic + $250 towards any purchase!


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