Hurricane Sandy

I did have some links to share with you today, but I can’t stop thinking about everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, and I thought it was important to acknowledge the terrible aftermath of the storm. The photos have been mind boggling and the stories are just heartbreaking. If you’re looking for ways to help, Charity Navigator is a great place to start, and this link has a list of reputable places to donate.

Just two links for you today:

More rainbows after the storm.

I’m reminded of the importance of having an emergency preparedness kit on hand. Do you have one?

Have a safe, happy weekend everyone.


  • Coral says:

    I’m afraid that, like other stories, people will soon forget about nearby communities that were affected by the storm. There are still people without power and clean water in the Long Island areas because the water is contaminated. Folks are looking for gasoline for their cars and generators. There are people that have lost their homes and it’s just frustrating. I don’t know who to reach for help for my friends and family stuck in Long Island..

  • Wow, that rainbow shot is incredible. Thank you for sharing these helpful links, the more we can all band together to help the quicker every community affected by the storm can rebuild.

  • Eventhough im not in US that has been affected by Hurricane still i feel sad for what had happened. we need take care of our nature because we can’t tell what will happened next..

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