For your Saturday, a fun DIY wedding full of kitschy retro details, and it comes to us from a Snippet & Ink reader! Elaine explains her planning mentality:

I saved money by questioning things and asking myself, “Even though it’s a wedding norm, do I really need this, or even want it? My husband got me thinking that way when we were talking about getting engaged. He asked me what kind of ring I wanted, and I said, “A diamond of COURSE.” He asked, “Why of course?” He then explained to me that engagement rings haven’t always been diamonds. So, I did some research and now have a beautiful pearl ring that I absolutely love. So, like I said, that got me started. When we went to the jeweler to get the wedding bands I thought, “I don’t have to have one…I don’t even want one! I like my engagement ring the way that it is!” After that I thought, does Patrick really need a wedding suit? He has only worn one of his suits once, why can’t that be his wedding suit? And so on…

I should explain that we technically got married at City Hall the night before the wedding. We aren’t religious and didn’t like the idea of some random person performing our wedding, so we went to City Hall and then had Patrick’s uncle perform the ceremony the next day.

Seating cards were all vintage cut-out paper dolls with the guests’ names and table numbers. The dolls’ clothes were on the table along with scissors. Each table had a vintage clock on it, and the time on the clock was the table number. Patrick’s mom baked miniature cakes in little tin cans to get the miniature layers, and a family friend piped the frosting. We had ’50s themed drinks-of-the-hour including Pink Cadillacs, Harvey Wallbangers, Manhattans, Side Cars and Blue Lagoons.

I lucked out and found my dress in a vintage store for only $48. It fit perfectly and needed no alterations whatsoever. Another funny little tidbit was that through all the wedding planning wildness, I hadn’t gotten a veil and I thought that the hat would be fine on its own. On the morning of the wedding when we were getting our hair and makeup done, the hairdresser really insisted that my hat really needed a veil and because I didn’t have one, she said, “Oh don’t worry, I just live across the street, you can borrow mine.” So that last minute detail was my something borrowed. This was very much how our wedding came together – even though I paid a lot of attention to detail in some respects, I allowed the day to evolve, too.

Photography: Trevor Booth

Venue: The Pavilion at Lakeside Park in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Bride’s dress: purchased at Lost and Found Vintage

Groom’s suit: MVIO

Music: Two Step Monday

Congratulations Elaine and Patrick!

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  1. ArticulateArt

    Wow awesome wedding and awesome pictures!!! Love how everything’s vintage! I’m glad they added the veil! Love how everything does come together eventually! It’s such a special wedding!

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  2. AbberJabber

    Amazing! Where are her shoes from??

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    • Elaine Hansor

      I totally forgot where I got my shoes. One of the shoe stores at the Eaton Center in Toronto.. sorry!!

  3. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza)

    Love your attitude! Though your approach may not be for everyone, it just proves that you CAN have a meaningful wedding your way. And the decorating ideas you came up with are fabulously creative (the clock table numbers, the miniature cakes baked in cans, the paper doll seating cards)!

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  4. leah

    we are considering doing the same thing, going to the courthouse and then having someone else doing our ceremony. Ohio law is so strict about officiants. I just worry that it will feel anti-climatic… i don’t know still on the fence, but so glad to hear someone else did it!!

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    • Elaine Hansor

      I just treated the city hall wedding as a mere step taking us to the real day, most people didn’t even know that we did it the night before. Patrick’s uncle did a great job, and one thing I really liked about his approach is that he told us that he “pronounced us man and wife with the power that was invested in all us” – our loved ones. I thought it was a nice touch. Whatever you chose, it will be special to you. ~

  5. Tamara Nicole

    Oh my goodness how adorable! Love the tandem bike:-)

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  6. spring bride

    Elaine, I love your philosophy of questioning the norm. My partner and I are planning a city hall wedding in NYC – we’re having fun thinking of different ways to create a special and intimate moment. Thanks for some lovely ideas.

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  7. Amanda Moon

    Wow…Wow…just Wow…you guys are!! :)
    Sorry again not to have been the moment together.. and love two of you more and more as time goes by…
    Congratulations again Mr.+ Mrs.Hansor-!! ?

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  8. Rhiannon

    Kathryn this wedding is incredible. I love the bride and groom’s attitudes too. Reminds me a little bit of how we planned our big day :) Thank you for sharing and CANNOT wait to seey our wedding too!! xo

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  9. Mary Beth

    So adorable!

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  10. Maya

    I totally love this bride’s attitude! We’re doing our wedding very much along the same lines – but we’re in the UK. I too got my vintage dress for £40, and it fits perfectly. I really LOVE this dress though – all of the pola-dots are so cute :-)


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  11. elizabeth

    beautiful wedding! i love the tea cups, are they yours? where did you get them/are you interested in selling them?

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    • Elaine Hansor

      They are a mixture of my Opa’s sister’s, my Oma’s, my mom’s, mine and my aunt’s. So, unfortunately, no, they aren’t for sale, but I had a different set of vintage china for each table, and I’m renting those out for weddings now :)

  12. nocciola

    Well done!! Low on waste, so high on charm!

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  13. Meagan M.

    Oh my god I am in love with the paper dolls! Excellent job paring it down to the just what you want.. Everything is wonderful!

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