Two years ago today, I married the love of my life. I would say he’s the man of my dreams, but to be honest, my dreams of the man I would one day marry never came close to who he is in reality. He makes my world bigger and cozier all at the same time. He encourages me to always be a better version of myself without ever making me feel like I’m not enough as I am. He gets me all twitterpated just by walking in the door. I love you Ryan Grady – Happy Anniversary to us!


You can see an index of our wedding posts right here, or just scroll through them all at once right here.


Photo by Elizabeth Messina.

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  1. Christina

    Happy Anniversary!!! :)

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  2. edubs

    :) happy 2 years… and so thankful to have the two of you as friends and couple-models. Love you, lady.

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  3. Melissa Schollaert

    Wow, it’s been TWO years already!?? Congratulations!!! :)

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  4. Lisa

    Happy anniversary!! Wishing you both all the best on this special day :)

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  5. ingrid


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  6. Abigail

    Love you guys! Happy happy anniversary to you!

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  7. Michelle

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you were able to celebrate and enjoy some time together. I’m still sad we missed out on the lovely celebration.

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  8. katie

    Happy anniversary Kathryn & Ryan! I always think of your wedding this time of year-so beautiful, festive, special and full of love!!

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  9. Kate

    Congratulations! Way to go!

    (As an aside, have you been following the New York Times weekly series Making It Last on their Booming blog? It is interviews with couples who have been married 25 years or more. They are absolutely fantastic. This is the most recent one:

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  10. Cathleya

    Happy Anniversary to to amazing, wonderful people.!!! xoxox

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  11. Trent

    What a beautiful day! Congratulations to you both Kathryn! I pray for many many many more anniversary Love Letters for y’all!

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  12. Sara

    Happy anniversary!you two are such a beautiful couple!

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  13. Sarah @ Belle on Heels

    I mainly love this post because you use the word ‘twitterpated’ which is really one of THEEEEEE best words to describe love. Happy anniversary!!

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  14. Carol

    I love that you two are in my world!

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  15. Lauren Koster

    Cheers! Congrats on two years and wishing you all the happiness in the world.


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  16. Uncle Beefy

    Happy Anniversary!!! Salut! Cin cin!

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  17. jeni

    oh so precious. your blog is an inspiration daily but this photo just warms my heart! Happy Anniversary! xo

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  18. Kate

    Twitterpated indeed!!! Congrats to you both.

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  19. A Day in May Design

    Congratulations and happy anniversary!

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  20. Megan Clouse

    That is precious!

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